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GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
6/28/13 12:55 P

My advice always is the same. Don't add sugar!!!!. Watch our for white carbs, white rice, white flour and any kind of sugar. There is increasing research showing that calories are not created equal. processed food and sugar of any kind is what will make you crave and then gain weight. With atkins you can add fruit and whole grains as someone else noted as your body can handle them. In my opinion it is sugar and processed grains that is the deal breaker

6/28/13 10:34 A

I was on Atkins and did gain a bit back in transition... I am still low carb but not that low.. I eat lots of vegetables and not so many fruits which are high carb and high fructose. I use the food tracker and stay at the low end of carbs or just below the recommended amount.

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6/28/13 10:15 A

Dragonchilde, I agree with you that in general terms the calories from carbs are no more fattening than the calories from fat or protein. Others would argue that they are! But, there are a lot of people out there that find that eating a 'balanced' diet with 50-60% carbs leaves them really hungry if they try to limit their total calories to a reasonable level. So, that means for some of us 2500 calories of balance is starvation-like misery while 1500 calories of low carb is satisfaction. The key about following Atkins is to learn what carbs cause you misery and what carbs do not.

For me, I do fine with beans while I start getting hungry if I eat wheat. Potatoes and rice are such a boring foods to me that I have never bothered to test them. Fruits for me are moderate triggers, so I can usually handle them, but definitely not in large amounts.

In my opinion, the key to eating healthy is finding the foods that help keep you from overeating and also leave you happy. I simply cannot overeat when I concentrate on meats and veggies with a few select other things (eggs, cheeses, nuts, berries) as extras. I always overeat if I have any bread or sugar. It is not a willpower thing. It is a biochemistry (of me) thing.

6/28/13 8:34 A

I too encourage using the new book: The Spark Solution. All meal plans, recipes use healthy carbs coming from fruit, yogurt, beans, whole grains, etc. It will have you in a 1400-1500 calorie range, and the exercise plan will also be very beneficial to your weight loss, toning and muscle strength. The complete package.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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6/27/13 9:26 P

Carbs do not make you gain weight. They've gotten a bad rap in recent years; adding back in carbs won't make you gain weight unless you increase the calories you're eating to the weight-gain level.

SP has an article all about carbs and why they're really okay; the trick is adding the RIGHT carbs!

EXNOLA Posts: 317
6/27/13 7:17 P

Why don't you just follow the plan in the book? Each phase has more carbs and types of foods. In phase 4, you should be adding in carbs and testing how your body responds to the amount of carbs you are trying to eat. Then you can add or subtract carbs depending on if you are losing, gaining, or maintaining you weight. (note: I have read the book, I have not actually done it)

6/27/13 6:17 P

I'm curious as to why you would want to change something that is clearly working well for you?

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/27/13 6:01 P

The Spark nutrition tracker will give you a calorie range as well as a suggested range for carbs, protein and fat.

If you are "low carbing" you do have the ability to manually adjust those ranges to what YOU want to aim towards in terms of daily carb/protein/fat consumption.

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6/27/13 5:27 P

There is no "Spark Way" Spark simply gives you tools (tracker) in order to see what you are currently eating and see how you can modify it so that you are not eating a surplus of calories anymore while encouraging you to make healthier food choices so that the less calories makes you feel full still and more energy than before

HITCHED2015 Posts: 8
6/27/13 4:56 P

Hi Guys,

I am currently on Atkins and finally losing weight so far 28lbs. I am currently at my lowest weight in 5yrs.

I am thinking of adding more carbs back into my diet and eating the "spark" way. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions how to make this happen. Scared of gaining back the weight already lost

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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