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2/6/13 1:35 P

I've seen several recipes for making homemade breaded chicken nuggets for kids, where you can prep a big batch and freeze them for later. So, I know it can be done, but I don't have the steps on hand. I'm sure you could google it. I think the one website I saw it on was Weelicious?

Also, I've made crock pot chicken & rice, and frozen it for later. I've also done frozen spaghetti sauce AND frozen noodles. I do my pasta al dente anyway and it always came out fine for me. Of course the soup, as you mentioned. I great grandma always sliced and froze individual slices of her homemade cakes and it was really convenient as you couldn't get 'greedy' and cut yourself a big ole slice, and you never had that "Oh we have to eat this cake, wouldn't want it to go bad", or similar motivations to overeat the sweets.

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2/5/13 10:18 P

I usually just cook up containers of ground meat that heat up in my micro in 2 minutes. I have veggies cut up and the rest is pretty easy and I don't care for pre making chicken, so it gets the foreman grill. Chili and creamier soups seem to hold up well.

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2/5/13 9:34 P

Ive been building up a stock of cooked ground meats with various seasonings (taco, Italian, etc) already applied and portioned out. I also have individual portions of homemade spaghetti sauce, black beans (cooked from dry), rice, pasta (slightly undercooked), and various other meats raw but portioned out--some cubed, some pounded for tenderness etc. Not everyone likes the taste of frozen pasta but I can deal with it, especially for the convenience.

If you go this route, a large silicone ice cube tray is your best friend. I have one where each cube is around a quarter cup. That way you can freeze things, pop them out, and store in bags in the freezer while reusing the tray.

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2/5/13 3:44 P

the breaded chicken does not hold up so well! At least my recipe did not. I made too many chicken fingers with panko so decided to freeze...and rebake later..not so good, rather mushy and dry chicken. Precooked chicken cut up does okay if you coat in egg white and roll in panko..but it is about the same amount of work if i just cut the raw chicken and do it.

We usually keep cooked beans and mashed beans in the freezer, soups of course and lentils and lots of frozen veggies like broccoli and green beans. I will pre cook chicken breast for the week along with rice and have in the fridge. I make a squash, apple and rice casserole with or with out meat in the freezer it hold up so well and is really good. I tend to gravitate toward dishes that are really quick to prepare fresh like 20 min tops.

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2/5/13 3:25 P


I cook lots of things beforehand. Chicken breast - cook 3-5 pounds at a time. Dice some of it and leave a couple of breasts whole. The diced chicken is used for breakfast omelets, chicken salad sandwiches, and several dinners. The breasts are used for chicken marsala, chicken piccata, chicken tacos and enchiladas, etc...

I also cook and freeze 4-5 different soups, ground beef, and Italian sausage. I pre-measure and prepackage in tupperware. I cook 1-2 times a month, then only have to heat and serve during the week.

I also plan my menus 2 weeks at a time. I know what I'm going to have every day and keep my calories in range.

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2/5/13 2:38 P

I make huge batches (as in 12 portions!) of things like:

Curry (just dont use potato or cauliflower, they dont hold up well)
Dahl (indian lentil dish)

Then I freeze in plastic tubs of 1 or 2 portion size, easy to stack in the freezer and get out just enough to defrost for a meal. Re-heat, add some fresh vegetable or other side and dinner is ready in moments.

2/5/13 1:17 P

My hubby and I often pick a weekend and cook like crazy people to prepare up to a month's worth of "tv dinners". For your breaded chicken I think you would have better luck mostly or fully cooking the chicken before freezing and then re-heat/finich cooking when ready to eat.

Before I became a "no carb" eater (I only get carbs from fruit and veggies) we would make chili, lasagna, soup, chicken pot pie, beef pot pie, pizza and any other type of casserole meal and all froze well. Even just pre-cooking the meat can be helpful in a time crunch, we also prepare plain, unseasoned chicken, beef, pork, etc and freeze. You can pull this meat out and toss into a stir-fry, salad, or mystery dinner at any time. "Mystery Dinner" at our house is basically what ever is in the fridge that we both like tossed into the same pot with what ever kind of sauce is appropriate (e.g. ground turkey w/ peppers, bean sprouts, celery, water chestnuts, teriyaki sauce).

We use a lot of frozen veggies as hubby is not very veggie adventurous. We can each have a generous portion of veggies that we each like.

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2/5/13 10:04 A

I'm not sure how breaded chicken would hold up in the freezer...the chicken would be fine, but my guess is that the breadcrumbs would become kind of soggy unless you fry them in some oil and then bake? I've never tried it though. Try googling "freezer meals" - a ton of options will come up :)

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2/5/13 9:40 A

I do a lot of batch cooking and wondered if anyone had suggestions for foods you prep and then freeze? I am basically looking for things I can pull out of the freezer and will take minimal effort (5-10) minutes to just throw together, especially without having to cook anything like meats beforehand.

I've frozen soup but not much else I've made beforehand. Can you bread chicken and then freeze it before cooking? Tips would be helpful, thanks!

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