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6/11/10 5:03 P

Thank you for sharing!

6/11/10 10:41 A

LOVE_LIANE thanks for your feedback on the New Year, New You video. I did that last night and it was a great workout. I'm always looking for 30 minute cardio videos that don't include strength training components (because I have dedicated strength days)and this one was fun! Nice change of pace, and a great calorie burning workout. The "drink breaks" to push Powerade were a bit much, but hey, it's free!

LOVE_LIANE Posts: 819
6/9/10 7:45 A

Last night I did the New Year, New You "Less is More Cardio" and WOW. It was intense. It was like 30 minutes of 30DS style cardio. It was really tough and probably not for beginners, but I'm really really looking forward to doing it again soon (tonight?)

Now, I HAD planned on doing the "Bootcamp Calorie Burn" under the Exercise TV Bikini Body Makeover channel, but I found it really boring and 10 minutes in, still not challenging. If I'm doing a 30 minute workout, I want to feel it at 10 minutes.

6/8/10 11:36 A

No problem! Check some out and share which ones you like!

LOVE_LIANE Posts: 819
6/8/10 10:24 A

Woah, awesome! Thanks so much!

NAGEM26 Posts: 573
6/8/10 9:02 A

Thats awesome and so much cheaper than actually buying new videos all the time i am going to check it out. THANKS!!!

RUNLOLARUN31 Posts: 390
6/8/10 12:47 A

Oooh, I'm off to check it out, thanks for the tip! There's also some videos on both short ones and full length workouts too.

CEEJAY0630 Posts: 642
6/7/10 10:19 P

Thank you so much for the heads up on HULU!!!!

TARJAM73 Posts: 375
6/7/10 10:02 P

wow--thanks!! I didn't know that was there.

JACKSMIMI2 Posts: 676
6/7/10 9:48 P

Thank you... I like to have a variety to chose from...

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6/7/10 9:10 P

Wow! I watch a lot of Hulu but didn't know this. I'm going to go check it out!

ANJI_RAE Posts: 992
6/7/10 7:50 P

huh, that's pretty cool!

MAGGI-TT Posts: 362
6/7/10 7:47 P

Sweet, and my IT dept. haven't blocked Hulu yet. :)

KEL_BEL_FX3 Posts: 4,711
6/7/10 7:41 P

I've heard about this before, but I'd forgotten, now I really need to check it out.

6/7/10 7:21 P

thanks for posting this. I will definitely check it out. getting bored with my old videos.

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6/7/10 5:47 P

Shame I'm in the UK... dammit.

6/7/10 5:14 P

Just a heads up to anyone that hasn’t discovered these. Although I catch up on a lot of my favorite tv shows (while working out :) on Hulu, I never thought to check for actual workout videos.

If you go to, there’s a “health and wellness” section that, among other videos (supersize me, food revolution, that kind of thing), you’ll find clips and full workouts – from strength training, yoga, cardio, etc… There are even some Jillian Michaels mini workouts, for all you JM lovers. I haven’t tried any yet but it looks worth checking out!

If anyone has favorites that they do off of Hulu, I’d love to hear some reviews!

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