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3/24/14 9:10 A

thanks for the information! I am going to try some youtube videos to see how they are.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,850
3/24/14 3:24 A

Try You Tube for Zumba workouts.

3/23/14 9:05 P

Are there any links you can share? I'm looking for stuff to do at home without having to go to the gym too. Thanks for sharing.

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3/23/14 2:54 P

Hi There

I have been doing Zumba with my mom for 5 years now I travel alot for work and struggle woith just using the gym equipment at the hotel I get SOOOOOO bored.
on and you tube there are some great Zumba routines you do not need to be an expert to love Zumba if you love music and dancing it may just be the thing for you.
I go 3 X per week at home with my mom who is 65 I cant tell you how much more consistant my workouts are when I am on the road i worked out for 80 mins today :)

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