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LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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1/13/14 7:45 P

I'm really lucky that I work for a company that tries to treat the staff well, we have a bonus program, good benefits, able to work from home on occasion, minimum monthly staff luncheons etc.

I think it has to be about getting a bargain as one poster mentioned. Getting something you didn't expect, I guess.

Today it was breakfast burritos, left over from a 7am meeting, offered to us at 9am...can you say ick? Even if they were in a warmer .....

CUSH1932 SparkPoints: (82,353)
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1/12/14 5:52 P

Interesting to watch people when they start packing up plates to take home from work affairs. ....

GOALWTIN7 SparkPoints: (2,121)
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1/12/14 5:35 P

Take a cruise. People become glutens with all the free food. You hear people say, I don't eat this way at home. I believe they don't or they would all be 300 plus pounds. I think it makes them feel psychologically good to get something for free so they take advantage of it and don't think how bad it is to stuff themselves.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,759)
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1/12/14 3:31 P

I'm with VWMOMMY.

In a lot of companies, free food may be the only perk offered. Employees may have to work long hours for little compensation. So, they may see that free food as their company "bonus". And how many people are living paycheck to paycheck ? any free food might be considered manna from heaven when you're on a tight or fixed budget.

I've gone from one extreme to the other. My former employer didn't offer anything. When times got tough, they even got rid of the Christmas party. Then I was hired by a large business that doesn't think twice about having food for meetings. I've had breakfast, lunch and snacks on a pretty regular basis. I LOVE getting free food. LOL.

Will I pack on the weight ? If I don't watch my portions, yes, I will gain weight. So, I do have to be mindful.

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ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,296
1/12/14 3:22 P

It's like getting a bargain, I guess, and lots of people will jump hoops for a bargain. Like a Wal Mart opening early before Christmas, you wonder why would so many do that, but there are lines every time. Back when I used to work, there was never any food at work, no potlucks, celebrations, treats brought in by the boss, none of that was allowed! You brought your lunch or went out, barely had coffee at your desk, but it changed during the 1970's and the "all about Me generation".................some companies now, don't allow potlucks anymore, only because of time wasted, not worrying about people stuffing themselves.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (578,147)
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1/12/14 12:05 A

I know, it's amazing how many people show up.

NAPTRAL1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/14 11:09 P

Free food once a month. Associate luncheon as it is called. Staff come down early and wait for lunch to be served while the managers stand aside and watch. If i do go, i touch nothing. I only go for announcements and to waste time. Now i dont go at all.

MARIEMEYER67 SparkPoints: (8,817)
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1/11/14 9:36 P

There is no free food the end your body pays for it through weight gain.

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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1/11/14 9:02 P

Maybe people feel the need to get as much out of their employers as possible? Missed your break, had to work overtime, got yelled at by your boss? When the opportunity to get something out of them for free comes around, take it! emoticon

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,659
1/11/14 7:51 P

Lol, I've noticed this syndrome and often wondered what out is about free food that makes people go crazy.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
1/11/14 6:09 P

Have you ever noticed the response to free food?

I work in a department that hosts a lot of meetings. We have breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, meetings with coffee and cookies, meetings with coffee and donuts and bagels get the idea.

The leftovers are brought to our break room and someone goes around and tells everyone there are leftovers available.

You would think that these people are starving! They stop whatever they are working on and rush off to get some of whatever it is. One lady always takes 2 donuts or cookies or whatever and says its for her kids, then you see her eating it later. 2 co workers come to work with giant breakfast burritos (2000 calorie monsters!) and will rush off an hour later for free whatever it is.

At least once a month, there is a free meal for staff because we did something good...Again the starving masses act like they have never seen food before. If they get to order individually they order the largest possible size and if it is family style they take large potions.

It's interesting because I know I used to be that way too. Do you see this at your job? I don't see it so much in social situations, like work potlucks or church potlucks which is also interesting.

I wonder what it is about free anything that makes people go a little nuts.

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