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LORITA00 Posts: 7
10/16/12 9:08 A

I have the same problem and I am going to take the others advice and have a plan in place for the weekends. It is hard when my husband and boys want to go out to eat but I just have to stop saying "oh, it's the weekend and I did good all week." That just wreckes what I did all week and it's kinda like I have to start all over. When I was doing my 14-day clean and really stayed committed, I really didn't miss the "bad" things like pasta, desserts & other high fat things. Thanks all for the advice!!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/16/12 8:58 A

Great ideas from the others.
Something we all should take into consideration

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10/15/12 5:35 P

I have seen this problem posted a lot in blogs and message boards. I think the last of structure and additional social opportiunites on the weekend are part of the problem. Do you plan you consumption for the weekend? Maybe if you add your own structure to the weekends it might help you mimic your weekday structure.

It seems like one of the issues is once you start you cannot stop. A bad Friday leads to a bad weekend. Since you have more opportunities to forage on the weekend. Maybe it would help if you at least had plenty of healthy options for grazing. At least that way you would limit the impact of your addition consumption.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,614
10/15/12 5:30 P

I can see your problem - there is a fairly simple solution. You just need to tweak things a bit. Forgiving yourself means that you have done something that requires forgiveness. You are making choices and obviously are not terribly happy with the choices you are making on the weekends. The simple solution is NOT to stop enjoying your date-night indulgences, but rather figuring out why you are making the choices you aren't happy with.

Look back and try to figure out how you can make it easier and more likely that you will get back on track after the date night meal. I don't have a crystal ball but I can think of a couple of things that might be going on and/or that might help. For instance, maybe you are really more tired than hungry the morning after date night. When our bodies are tired and we don't get enough sleep, we often eat to get some energy - try sleeping a little longer if you aren't working, taking a nap, or getting some exercise and fresh air to energize yourself instead of turning to food. You might be a little bored on the weekend if you don't have any special plans - so maybe you make plans to go out somewhere, take a bike ride, walk or hike. I think that if you are really motivated and it sounds as though you are, you will quickly diagnose your own problem and find a great EASY solution. If you think you are starting to get balance and then discover you haven't, maybe you are getting CLOSE to it and just need a little fine tuning.

HEZZYLUNA Posts: 129
10/15/12 4:57 P

I've begun to be a little *too* forgiving of myself! For the past two weekends, I've kind of fallen off the wagon Friday night (I'm good during the day). Which would be fine, in my opinion. I would allow myself one night a week to fall off a little-- a little. I'm not talking about eating a whole extra large pizza by myself, I'm just talking about easing up on the calories counting for date night.

Anyways, what I've been doing the last couple weekends is continuing my bad eating all through the weekend. I've really been thinking, even in spite of my lost weekends, that I've finally gotten the hang of this. After a whole year of yo-yo dieting, I feel like I finally understand all this. I choose not to over eat pizza, not because I "can't," but because I honestly don't want to put a bunch of greasey, fatty foods into my body.

All year I've been trying to find this balance between forgiving myself for slip-ups, but also being tough on myself to get the results I want. I thought I had found that balance, but I guess not.

Does anyone have any tips on how they stay on track on the weekends? I think it's just all the idle time. Because when I'm at work I don't have a problem at all. I drink my slimfast shakes at breakfast and lunch, and have a healthy snack at some point during the day. And even when I get home I eat a healthy dinner. But then I have such a sweet tooth at night. But a pack of starburst or a SmartOnes desert cures that. But then on the weekends, it's like all I want to do is sit there and eat!

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