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4/3/13 12:20 P

You're welcome! You can click on the link my signature here to check out my Pinterest page that shows all the recipes I've tried. I try to put calorie counts in my comments about the recipes too.

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4/3/13 12:16 P

Oh, thank you! I'm not a vegetarian, but I found some vegan recipes that I liked while doing a Daniel Fast (pretty much vegan but more restrictive) at my church. I get on little kicks with meals and tend to stay on the same things for a while. The only things I typically restrict are processed foods, though if I'm in a pinch, I may add a little processed creamer and sugar to my coffee because I can't drink it black.

I tend to eat a lot of eggs and cheese, but I'll eat chicken, too. Your recipes sound fantastic! I LOVE pesto. If I could stay in the 1600 cal range during the week and 1700-1900 on the weekends, I think that would be a good, manageable range. I just can't eat MORE. Amazing considering that i used to binge eat. I made a pretty fattening potato dish for Easter and had some potatoes left over. So I had a baked potato with cheese and sour cream for lunch on Monday.

I will try your dishes; they look great! I'm not worried about being able to maintain the weight loss, but I really don't want to go down another jean size. Thanks again!!

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4/3/13 11:47 A

Sounds like we are in the same boat, I'm 5'3". Once I hit my original goal weight, I struggled with eating enough to stop losing. I lost another 11 pounds. Good, but also annoying since the 2 pairs of jeans I splurged on when I hit goal weight are kind of too big now. I seem to be maintaining at about this point though, give or take a pound up or down, here and there. I try to stick to 1600-1700 calories during the day on weekdays, and then splurge more (I don't track then so I don't know how much more) on weekends because we tend to go out with friends etc on weekends. I'd guess it's around 2000 calories on those days though. I try to stick to 1700-1900 on weekends if we stay home though.

I took a look at your nutrition tracker, are you vegetarian? A lot of my meals revolve around meat but I have a couple of ideas for you:

Lasagna rolls: I love these because they're already portioned out, and they reheat extremely well. This recipe makes 6 of them.
This one has chicken in it, but you could leave that out and just do the cheese and pesto. I've also seen another variation where they used cooked spinach instead of the pesto. But, I use about 14-15oz of chicken, and all full fat dairy and my rolls come in around 475 calories. Add a side salad and you're good to go.

This asparagus and goat cheese pasta is super delicious and so easy. Great for spring too since asparagus is in season:
I add chicken to mine, and I can't seem to find where I have the calorie count for it, but I remember it wasn't over 500. The goat cheese "sauce" that's made by combining the goat cheese and pasta water is so good, and feels like eating a full cream sauce. Would be good with a number of veggies also.... not just asparagus. Also, that site,, has a lot of really good vegetarian recipes. Not all are healthy but many are.

Another great pasta dish: Roasted red pepper pesto pasta
This was so so so good. I was sad to only eat one serving of it even though it filled me up :) I did add spicy italian chicken sausage to mine but it's totally good without it. The pesto alone is good by itself. I got 577 calories per serving, but that would be less without the sausage. It makes 6 servings too.

For a side, these chipotle mashed sweet potatoes are really good:
I've successfully cut this recipe in half to make just 2 servings, but they reheat really well too. Each serving is about 160 calories. I have lots of other tasty veggie recipes but they're all pretty low calorie.

If you're not vegetarian let me know and I can make some other suggestions :)

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4/3/13 10:28 A

I recently reached my goal weight after years of plugging away at it. I lost the majority of my weight (total 125 lbs) in the first couple of years but found the final 20 to be an excruciatingly slow process. I am highly active and have truly settled into a lifestyle that is sustainable, probably 90% healthy, whole, nonprocessed foods, but I have always found a way to incorporate the less healthy treats in on occasion and as a planned-out part of my life.

I wouldn't mind losing a couple of more lbs, but I'm short, and more than that would show up, and i can't afford to replace my wardrobe. So I want to pretty much stay where I am, high end of the weight range for my height, but I do have a lot of muscle. My issue is that I've become accustomed to eating 5-6 small meals/snacks a day and staying in the 1300-1400 calorie range M-F.

I am looking now for higher calorie meal options. I don't want to add calories via quantity as much as quality. I'm used to 200-300 calorie dinner, 200 calorie lunch, 100-200 calorie breakfast. Those who are maintaining and tend more towards the whole, non-processed foods, what are your favorite meals? I could stand to add more veggies in, but they won't add calories. I think if I just had some good dinner options, casseroles, maybe? I like soup, but the ones I fix the most keep me in the 200 calorie range. Does anyone have recipes that incorporate whole-fat dairy? Thanks!!

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