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MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/19/12 3:31 P

I did well this year. My boyfriend, however, has some work to do but he's not in the mindset of getting it done and I can't force him.

CEIGSTI Posts: 3,084
9/19/12 12:19 A

Way to go! Sounds like you are on the right track. Hubby and I did a wellness test last spring. I did well but hubby was off the charts. Borderline diabetes, heart. Issues, overweight. Trying to get the family on track with eating healthy. Which helps me stay on track too. Glad to see you have more energy. It is amazing that it works that way. I have probs with remaining consistent when work and home life get crazy. How do you do it?

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/17/12 12:33 P

Okay, so this is day whatever-maybe 5 or 6. Made it through last night without binge eating and didn't feel the need to, though I was up from 12 am to 3 am. I have to pat myself on the back for that because that is my worst times!
I looked back on the last few years this am. I remember a year ago I took part in a wellness screening at work on a morning I had just gotten off of work. Glucose has been a problem for me and one of my motivators for being healthier. My mom is only 67 and has had diabetes since her early 30's. She has also been obese most of her adult life. She has sight in only one eye (has to have laser treatments/shots in her other eye every 4 weeks to keep the sight in the other), falls easily, uses a wheelchair where she has to walk (even grocery shopping), is almost on dialysis due to the fact she is in renal failure (she's in last stage before totally needing dialysis to stay alive), takes insulin and many meds everyday, has high blood pressure and is always tired and haggard looking. My aunt died in her early 60's due to kidney failure from diabetes type II, so my genetics aren't that great. Well, as I was saying, last year I took part in a wellness screen that included blood sugar. For this wellness screen, I had to be nothing to eat after midnight. Well, I didn't do that on purpose to see what would happen. An hour before I was due in for testing, I ate a donut and had a sugary beverage. My blood sugar was only in the 80's. I was 180 lbs and had been experiencing low blood sugars quite often: getting the shakes, tired etc. Once at work on a busy night my blood sugar was down in the 30's! This is not a good sign. Well, recently I took part in another wellness screen including blood sugar. I was 156 lbs at the time and actually followed the rules of no eating after midnight. When I had my blood sugar tested I was in the 90's! This is awesome for someone with this kind of history. It showed me I am making real improvements and that little things really do add up. I rarely get the shakes anymore even on extremely busy nights at work (I am a registered nurse on a busy cardiac floor, and even at night-yes, we are busy and active) when I don't get a chance to eat. This is the biggest reward I could have!
So, that is motivation for me when I think why am I doing this and what am I doing this for? I do not want to be like my mom or my aunt in my 60's, I am a nurse and knows what happens and it is NOT pretty, it is slow torture.I am now on the track to lose more weight, for more chances to be healthier and feel better. Due to exercising, I have tons more energy than I used to when pushing a vacuum around would tire me out (at 35?!) and I do tend to get a lot more done.
So, Yes, MJ it is worth it and the payoffs will come back more than you put in.

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