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4/25/11 9:07 P

That is so frustrating! Can you swim? Sometimes that gives you a little bit of a break, but still burns calories. Good luck!

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4/25/11 8:01 P

Thank you! i did the elliptical today before I realized how bad it was and it wasn't TOO strenuous. All the same I think I'm gonna take a week off just to make sure!
Thanks for your suggestion!

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4/25/11 5:18 P

I did a MAJOR sprain on my ankle 3 weeks ago. Spinning and elliptical seem to work for me right now.

I hope you heal up quickly!

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4/25/11 5:10 P

I'm experiencing some random ankle pain myself and I fear I may have sprained it.
I was wondering if during your injury you found any good cardio exercises (or exercises in general) that you could do without putting strain on your ankle?
I really don't want to stop going to the gym for a week while I wait for this to heal. :(

3/9/11 12:26 P

I guess I walk on uneven surfaces. Its winter here and the snow has made almost all walks uneven, so I could see that having played a role.

I really hope it is not a repetitive injury, I'll just have to keep icing it and see how it goes. It is a little better thankfully today.

Thanks for the comments

3/8/11 5:10 P

Do you ever walk on uneven surfaces? My walking path is marked with small potholes and small to medium rocks kicked up by all the horses. Sometimes things shift underfoot and while they don't cause enough instability for a fall (usually) you could overstretch a little without noticing right away.

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3/8/11 3:26 P

It may be a repetitive injury. That's a possibility. This injury may be a result of too much pressure on the ankle over time. It could even be a result of old shoes that have lost their support. Wearing old shoes can cause all sorts of injuries. Of course, wearing heels all day followed immediately by wearing sneakers can cause issues too. Your ankle may have been fine for many weeks, but it all takes is that one workout to push it over the edge.

Ideally, if the pain is so bad that you're limping, you really must see your doctor. Some discomfort or soreness is one thing, limping is another especially if ice and rest don't seem to be helping.

3/8/11 12:53 P

So I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar...

Just yesterday on my way to work(I drive standard) I noted that the outside of my ankle, the top part where it connects to the leg is very very sore. I am almost limping and even just sitting at my desk, it feels sore to me.
I didnt injure my ankle that I recall, I just woke up and it was hurting. I tried icing it last night, but that didnt do anything.

I am so not impressed, as I think I will have to take a break from the gym for a couple days so I dont aggravate the pain further.

has anyone else experiences this sort of pain randomly?? I do run on the treadmill and bike and do yoga regularly, so this sucks!!!

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