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3/19/12 4:11 P

Hi Katie,

What you're describing sounds like pains that I have when my plantar fascitis is bothering me. I can try to prevent it from happening if I stretch really well after workouts and even on rest days (particularly my calves) and wearing good shoes.

When it hurts, I roll my foot over a tennis ball or - this is the best - a frozen water bottle. I just keep a bottle in the freezer (from bottled water I bought once, filled about 4/5th of the way with water) and whenever my foot gives me pain I put a sock on and roll the bottle back and forth until my foot feels better. It feels great to me - it might feel good to you too no matter what is causing the pain.

Some info:
itis . Clearly neither wikipedia nor I are doctors, so please don't take my advice over seeking medical assistence if it keeps bothering you. I hope it feels better soon, no matter what's causing it!

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3/18/12 2:23 P

Hi Katie,
I have been experiencing foot cramping also since I started working out. I am waiting for a referral to a podiatrist to see what is going on. I also have PCOS and 150 pounds to loose. Years ago when I was a teenager my doctor mentioned that my arches were falling but never really did anything about it. Now well into my 30's I think we may have over looked a problem. I still workout, I work through the pain. It is getting better and I don't get them as often as I did the first few days. I am starting my third week.
Last week while walking around my house barefoot I heard and felt my foot pop right in the middle of my foot. It was really strange but my foot felt better after lol.
I think it would be worth it to make an appointment with podiatrist to rule out any problems. In the mean time if walking doesn't hurt then walk walk walk. Track your calories too.
Good Luck!!!1

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3/17/12 10:53 A

Hmmmm... I'm not sure if they would have anything to do with foot cramps but I do have PCOS and I'm considered very anemic, according to my doctor. I'm on prescription Iron pills (although, i admit, I've forgotten to take them in the last 2 weeks.) Would either of those have anything to do with it? They did blood work recently but didn't mention anything else....


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3/17/12 10:49 A

I usually get cramps when I'm short on potassium, but they're not usually triggered that frequently. Have you checked with your doctor to rule out any potential medical issues? That's what I'd recommend if you haven't. So consistent and frequent, there may be something in your body that's triggering it.

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3/17/12 10:43 A

I'm wearing Asics tennis shoes that are relatively new....haven't been used much since I'm just now getting back into a real exercise routine.
Yes to the warm up as well---the DVD had a 5 minute-ish warm-up. I've tried stretching my feet but it seems that the foot cramps come regardless.
It does come with all cardio...not as soon or as often if I'm just on the treadmill but usually still some. anything other than just "walking" brings it on pretty fast.


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3/17/12 10:36 A

Are you wearing good shoes that fit properly and aren't worn out? Are you doing a good warm up? Have you tried stretching your feet after your warm up to see if that helps? Is it happening with all cardio or just specific exercises?

Coach Jen

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3/17/12 10:35 A

Hello there-

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me and if they have any advice.

Anytime I try to workout I get intense foot cramps and have to stop after only about 5 minutes. I'm not talking having sore foot...I'm talking shooting sharp pains in my feet so bad that I have to stop and sit down. I'll let them pass but as soon as I start back, they're back.

Most of the time it's when I'm doing cardio. For instance, I was doing a biggest loser fat-burning cardio DVD this morning when it occurred.

It's really frustrating....I have more than 150+ lbs to lose and bought some workout DVD's last night to really get started. I woke up quite excited and ready to work out. Just discouraged...if it's not one thing it's another. I'm ready to lose this weight but don't know how to if I don't get this issue figured out.

Anyways--enough rambling from me. Thanks for any advice!


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