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4/16/12 8:18 P

Have you talked to your doctor? You say you "feel" that it's not enough; have you had that confirmed? There are a lot of other conditions that could make you feel like you have a vitamin deficiency, so let your doctor know that you're not feeling right. S/he might want to check you out again to make sure there's not something else going on.

4/16/12 8:13 P

Click here and select vitamin B-12 by nutrient content

This will give you a very extensive listing, which you should find helpful.

I assume you can absorb B-12 from foods??? Since you report that it is your choice to use shots not the oral supplement form??

Dietitian Becky

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4/16/12 5:45 P

Here's how I get my B12 throughout the day:
- fortified almond or soy milk. Usually one cup has 50% RDA for a 2000 calorie diet.
- nutritional yeast. I use it to make 'cheeze' sauce, sprinkle it on popcorn, etc.
- fortified vegetarian/veggie 'meat products', like burgers.
- vegan mac and cheese (road's end is my fav)

I've found since I switched to vegan eating, all my B vitamin levels are through the roof. I'm in the midst of finals and usually I stress so much I can't eat but I've been way more relaxed. Only difference between the last 3 terms and this term is the way I eat and how much more conscious I am about getting enough B12.

You can also track it on your nutrition tracker if you want to see how you're doing throughout the day.

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4/16/12 5:37 P

Thank you. I read through the list and even commented on it. I'm trying to find options that will work for me, I'm a picky eater and am not finding much on the list that I eat.

4/16/12 5:17 P

Apparently clams and liver have TONS...but those might not be so easy to get. Here's a list:

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4/16/12 5:04 P

I was diagnosed last summer with a B12 deficiency, and have been on shots since then. I get them every 2 months.

Now I find that they don't seem to be working, and I need some help with this to get me through the time between shots.

I get 1,000 mcg per shot, once every 2 months, but I don't feel that this is enough. I'm still sluggish, the weight loss is still slow, but it's finally starting to help that.

I need some food sources for B12. I refuse to take the pills as I always forget to take them, this is why I get the shot.

Any ideas of what kinds of foods I should be eating?

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