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SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
6/21/12 3:04 P

spinach is high in iron !

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5/27/12 1:04 P

Thanks for the ideas .......... one thing, not all items are available in Canada, never seen Total Cereal for instance, but the help is so appreciated, keep 'em coming!
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5/27/12 8:20 A

I have always had issues with iron due to a rare type of anemia that I was born with, so I've always had to pay attention!

I add a touch of Blackstrapp Molasses to my breakfast smoothie. It has to be Blackstrap though! I also love lacinto kale (it's a very dark green usually found at health-food grocer's like Whole Foods & Sprouts), red lentils and quinoa.

In addition, I take a supplement. I take a prenatal multivitamin because it has extra iron but not so much that it hurts my stomach. Before, I took the Flinstone's children's multivitamin because it also has iron in a smaller dosage, I would recommend using either to help supplement what you can't consume.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/26/12 11:02 P

TOTAL brand cereal has lots of iron !!

So does egg yolks, spinach,prunes, beans, lentils, canned baked beans, clams, oysters, pumpkin seeds

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
5/26/12 9:55 P

This page lists iron sources:

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5/26/12 9:52 P

Every day when I track my foods eaten, I find I am at about half of the required iron level. I know organ meats contain the most iron (from what I have read anyway), but come on, I can't eat that stuff .... YUKK -- Can anyone offer some suggestions for foods that contain extra iron and are not full of fat or calories? I have been taking supplements, but even the lowest dosage of iron is too high and of course causes constipation ..... OUCH
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