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COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
1/1/13 3:10 P

You don't have to follow the meal plans - most people don't. You can use them for ideas, but by no means need to follow them. You might find this article helpful in understanding more about the proper nutrition your body needs and more info on portions:

Keep doing the best you can!

Coach Denise

1/1/13 2:36 P

Does anyone else feel kinda lost when focusing on weight lose using food? My family is 'poor', my dad is trying to get disability, and we have six people in the house with only one working. Often times I feel so lost when looking at the nutrition tracker and the food options because we very rarely have that sort of food in the house. I can't exactly ask my parents to buy that sort of thing either, because we very rarely have the money. So I just try to do my best, but I feel lost because its basically the same stuff I've been eating from before. My only option is really exercise but I know that food is important as well. What is one to do in my situation? /: Is anyone else stuck too?

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