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10/22/12 11:20 A

I know exactly how you feel. I am a mindless eater too. You're doing great, and then next thing you know, it's some popcorn here... a little piece of cheese here.. maybe a couple crackers... how about a glass of wine?

I fight it by keeping busy. Do some laundry, knit, paint your nails, take a bath soak. Keep your hands busy and your mind distracted. Right now, food is really a HABIT. You're used to going for the food! I used to wonder why on earth I was taking food out of the fridge, when I wasn't even hungry and didn't really remember planning to get something. It's just a bad habit.

Habits can take time to break, but it's worth it. Doing something else instead is much better than wandering in and out of the kitchen, giving yourself a mental lecture, and then feeling awful when you break down and eat something.

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10/22/12 11:20 A

Life happens, but you gotta take accountability! You chose to eat the muffins, they did not jump into your mouth.

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10/22/12 10:44 A

If this happens again remember how you felt. Cut a muffin in half and have one half in the moment and one half the next day. You know the recipe you know how to make more. During stress I would eat a WHOLE column of keebler fudge I have 2 packages I have not TOUCHED since I bought 3-4 weeks ago I keep them in the freezer so if I do have a chocolate craving I can't seem to beat I take one serving out (2-3 cookies depending on type) and because they are frozen they last a little longer in the savoring moment. Beating yourself up is more sabotage than the 100 calories you went over. Every day is a new day to make a new change! You got this!

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
10/22/12 9:21 A

Thanks for your comments! I'm just upset because I can't atop snacking and grazing....and I got tough on myself last night, and then ate a muffin! I'm just bummed I don't have more/better self control......

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10/22/12 7:13 A

Darn pumpkin muffins! I've been almost flawest my entire weightloss journey for binging. I've been quite proud of myself for being able to stop after just one treat and enjoying them in moderation. But the first time I made those pumpkin muffins (chocolate chip ones), they were so delicious I ate like 4-5. I couldn't stop, I just kept coming back for more.

Don't feel bad, it happened to me. But I made them again last week and I just included one with my breakfast for a few mornings and gave the rest to the kids for breakfasts and school lunches. I did a lot better this time around.

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10/22/12 5:45 A

If 100 calories is making you this upset then its a bigger deal than calories.

you shouldn't be in such a state over this, as Russell said, just 100 under tomorrow will leave you in range.

You should take a step back and re-access why you are so upset, and is this upset connected to grazing, comfort eating etc.

Diet pills don't work. if they did SP wouldn't need to be exist and the world would be slim!

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10/21/12 10:16 P

I agree, big deal. !00 calories is probably within the tolerance of error. Even when I was being very meticulous, I was probably off that much daily.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/21/12 9:29 P

So you went 100 calories over the top number in your range.. big deal. Go 100 calories below the top of your range tomorrow, and you are in range for the 2 days.

No matter how bad of a meal you have, start over the very next meal. Just ignore the cheat, because being depressed over it, usually leads to overeating, to make us feel better. That is the difference between gaining 10 lbs in a week, or gaining 2 lbs. overnight, and losing it over the next 2 days.

Cheats will always happen.. focus on how you felt, why you did them. Not on punishing yourself, or correcting the cheat swiftly. You did a great job soaking them. You could have ate the whole batch, and be worse off. Just keep trying to go cheat free for 2 days, then 3, then 4.. eventually you will make a habit of not cheating more than 1-2 times a month, and can even plan them, and control the size of them. Just keep trying, and when you fail, just get re-started immediately. Hopefully you average out the bad stretches and maintain, and lose weight when you can put a good streak together. This isn't a race, you just want to keep making progress towards better health. Keep going longer between cheats, and keep setting new low weights. In a year, you will be surprised. You probably will not lose as much as you would have planned, but will have made progress, instead of gaining and losing the same weight.

So get started today. Try to stick to the top of your range, and see how long you can go to your next cheat. Record how long.. then try to beat it by a day, next time.

The "perfect diet " is a myth. It is just a bunch of ups and downs, and the people who focus on 60 % down, and 40% up, lose weight. Even 10-20 lbs a year can have major health benefits, especially if you string 2-3 years together.

You know diet pills, and punishment are temporary, and don't work in the long run, so just plan out tomorrow, get a good sleep, and eat healthy, be healthy.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
10/21/12 8:51 P

I tracked for the day and landed right within my calorie range! Woohoo! Then I walked into the kitchen to take my pumpkin muffins out of the pan, for a party I am having tomorrow, they failed miserably and next thing I know I'm eating the mutilated muffins......I ended up having to soak the pan in water so I wouldn't eat more, and bam, over my calorie goal by 100 I am so upset. I'm getting ready to be drastic like a diet pill, because I just can't stop grazing and snacking, and then I'm gaining......

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