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10/3/12 12:18 A

My quick go tos..if i dont want to turn on the stove or oven:

any kind of potato microwaved and topped with cottage cheese or salsa or greek yo....any veggies steamed in the micro too with rice vinegar or hoisen or spices for seasoning..really quick and filling...and CHEAP

avocado toast and hummus stuffed mini bell peppers
any green salad with veggies (pre cut or you cut) and fruit like grapes apples or pears added

a rotisserie chicken from grocer deli case to use through out week..salads, sandwiches, tacos (steam the tortillas in the micro)
oatmeal with can make overnight oats, check recipe in SP

hope i understood your post correctly! :) some peeps get snippy on here if your post isn't entirely fitting...I cant remember all i read when i start typing sometimes! LOL

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10/2/12 3:27 P

Ooh, I'm of the opinion different types of apples should have their own name; calling them all apples (even with the different first names) confuses us produce newbies. My son is taste/texture sensitive and he will gag and refuse to touch another apple for weeks if he gets ahold of a red delicious, but pink lady or gala apples are gobbled like they're candy. There is something in the difference of texture and taste for him that sets him off. Same goes for granny smith of the greens. He loves granny smith, but that's the only greenies we can buy.

Grapes at this time of year are nice sweet options as well. I'm normally not a grape fan - too tart for me - but the last few bunches I've bought were sweet and perfect, but only the red seedless. Green are still pucker-worthy (husband prefers those, we get both).

Explore the produce department... You'll find lots of rinse-and-go snacks and meal side items.

Oh! Produce dept also has steam-in-bag broccoli and other veggie choices with minimal or no preservatives. Like the prepared lettuce, it costs a tiny bit more, but I can stab a bag of broccoli and toss it in the nuker for 4-5 minutes for perfectly steamed fresh broccoli, versus freezer-burned options. It tastes SO much better than anything out of the freezer, for less effort.

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10/2/12 3:13 P

Find a couple fresh fruits that you actually like! I used to think I didn't like any.

Then I found pink lady apples.

Are you aware that all apples taste different? Like, completely different. I did NOT know that. I am addicted. I LOVE THEM.

Find a few food like that, that are super healthy and you cannot get enough of. It helps. It's made all the difference for me.

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10/2/12 2:59 P

Keep eating frozen foods or ready-to-nuke-from-fridge meals...just make them yourself if you can get a day or so once a week. For ideas, try:

On Sunday, I made 4 stuffed peppers (meatless; make spaghetti sauce and brown rice, core pepper, stuff with 1 cup brown rice, set in spaghetti sauce and spoon some over top, cover pot and cook until pepper is fork tender). My husband and I each had one for dinner that night, and the other two were cut in half and portioned for lunches. All were topped with a bit of parmesan cheese. The half portions for lunch, with a tbsp of parm, are only 188 calories, 32 carbs, 4g fat, 6g protein, 3g fiber, just 390mg sodium...and VERY filling, particularly with the 2 cups of grapes I'm still munching from breakfast. Each of those lunches are ready to grab in the morning and take just 2 minutes in the microwave to be ready to go. Add some lean ground beef for more protein and calories (it's a bit too low cal, in my opinion, I'll add meat next time).

It costs a bit more, but if time is really that short, buying the pre-washed, pre-cut lettuce and cherry tomatoes make a salad in less than 30 seconds assembly if you was the tomatoes when you get them home. Top with some deli meat or have a sandwich on the side.

There are tons and tons of options. What types of meals do you typically buy frozen? I'm sure suggestions can be made for healthier versions. And...some frozen meals here and there are a-okay. They can be high on sodium, but some of the brands take ingredients and nutrition fairly serious so they're an okay go-to meal in a major hurry if all prepared options are gone or unappetizing.

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10/2/12 2:36 P

I am starting out on my path to living healthier. I need some tips on eating. With me working full time and going to school full time I don't have time to cook. I need help as I am now going to the gym and I want to eat. I currently eat frozen foods.

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