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1/14/13 2:22 P

I too carry a cooler, always have water, since somtimes we confuse hunger. I carry snack size bags of baby carrots, almonds, celery, even a jar of peanut butter. This really helps when you need a quick snack, and this will also help you from going into the drive way of McDonalds!

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12/17/12 2:47 P

Out of the cooler:
canned protein: tuna, salmon, chicken breast
canned veggies: green beans, spinach
small bottle olive oil
canopener, utensils, bowl

In the cooler:
raw veggies
low sugar fruits slices (cucumber, tomato, zucchini)
bagged lettuce/spinach
cheese sticks

Awesome extras:
thermos that plugs into your car lighter (chicken/veggie soups)
dehydrator (make your own jerky)

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12/17/12 12:21 P

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12/15/12 10:35 P

I always pack my own food when I leave home, whether it is to work each day, a trip to a major airport to another state, or a drive, anywhere, anytime.

I have a cooler that lives in my car. It always has water, fresh hard-boiled egg, carrot sticks, sandwich (If I'll be gone over 6 hours), fresh or canned fruit, applesauce in travel size, yogurt and cheese sticks.
A basket in the car has granola bars, raisins, cashews, trail mix, crackers.
I hope this helps.

12/15/12 9:04 A

I love to have fruit and nuts as snacks when I'm travelling.

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12/14/12 5:52 P

You know, when I was younger I could drive a lot further in a day. Now, my limit seems to be about 6 hours--with breaks, of course. Those breaks are very necessary, I know, and especially since our family has a history of strokes.

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12/13/12 12:27 P

Sandwich fixings and fruits and veggies are the best portable foods. Just keep your meat and cheese in the cooler. Also your mayo if you use it. Mayo in the single serve packets is best because you do not have to keep it in the cooler. You can buy them at wholesale clubs or just stock up everytime you go through a drive through. Just stop someplace and stretch when you need a food break. Driving long distances can be quite tiring - not just for the driver, but the passengers.

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12/13/12 11:32 A

Thank you so very much for all your helpful comments! Exercise--yes. I'm on a diuretic and I'm sure I'll have to take a few rest stops, and will plan a little walking for then. I love the idea of bringing a lemon as salad dressing, and the concept of "hiding" food in the trunk until meal time is spot-on for me.

Looking forward to learning more at the links posted. I'm glad I asked my question, and grateful for your responses
emoticon Helen

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12/13/12 8:51 A

I have traveled long distance many times, and have had the same issue of "food for the road". Tried various alternatives, and finally I realized that
- it is wrong to get food to eat in the car (it is OK to get your own food in the trunk to eat it when the meal/snack time comes, but not in the car),
- the even bigger issue is having to sit for very long periods in the car, so some exercise is actually essential.

Nowadays I even dread the overseas long flights just because there is simply no way to get a descent exercise over a very long period of time. I wonder when the airplanes will feature a few stationary bikes or elliptical trainers for the passengers of overseas flights. Also, I am baffled at the thought that none of the huge international airports actually have any gyms in there. If this were the case, connecting flights would be more pleasurable than direct flights in my opinion.

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12/13/12 8:31 A

Here are three articles with a variety of tips to help you find what might fit best for your situation and plans.

Healthier Ways to Eat When Traveling
Smart Substitution: Foods for the Road

4 Tips for a Healthier Road Trip

6 Tips for a Healthier Family Road Trip

Coach Tanya

12/13/12 12:44 A

We always pack our own food for road trips. Healthier and almost always tastier!
We always take fruit it doesn't need to be cold. I also agree with YOJULES.
We take whole wheat pasta with marinated veggies and a sprinkle of parm chz, we take sandwiches but almost always put hummus on the bread instead of mayo...then meat and cheese if using. We leave off all the veggies so it doesn't get soggy but prep and store them in a container. Guess you can store the meat and chz too! I will cut extra veggies and take more lettuce (meat like chicken) for a salad depending on how many travel days and throw a lemon in with the fruit for *dressing* or leftover marinated veggies. Breakfast is almost always plain greek yogurt, some fruit and homemade granola or nuts/seeds. Freeze some water bottles and use as ice and we are set!

PS if you dont mind the extra work sometimes I will just toss whole veggies in my bag with the fruit and chop them when ever we stop to eat....did that till we got a slightly bigger cooler! ;)

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12/13/12 12:01 A

Sandwiches/wraps would be the easiest for lunches, especially since you can even eat them while driving. If you don't want to do sandwiches for lunches you could build some salads, and just keep the dressing in a separate container to pour on when you're ready to eat. Easy snacks are things like carrot and celery sticks, apples/bananas, cheese, nuts, granola bars (I like the kind w/ added fiber as they are more filling), popcorn or beef jerky.

For your dinner, will you have a microwave where you can heat something up? If you do, you can make just about anything and reheat it. If you don't have a microwave and don't want to have another sandwich, you could make a cold pasta salad that has veggies and chopped up chicken breast in it.

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12/12/12 11:55 P

I've decided to visit family for the holidays and will be driving. What I'd like to do, to save money and eat more healthfully, is to pack my meals. This will be two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast, and one snack. I'll have a small cooler with me. My nutritionist suggested I try the carb-counting way of meal planning, and I need to plan 60g for each meal and 30g for a night-time snack, and protein to be included in each of them. Any suggestions for portable, not-overly-perishable food?

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