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10/7/10 1:56 P

I'm just saying I think along with the low cholesterols meal options and whatnot that they should have a "on-the-go" choice. I don't really fall the Spark meal plans because I really don't have the time to make all of that. Sandwiches are about what I do.

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10/7/10 10:54 A

You are right- but, things may not get easier- a working Mom is busier then college student- PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING

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9/28/10 8:00 P

Good ideas for this college student from 30 years ago!

9/19/10 11:21 A

I agree with the OP there *should* be an "On-The-GO" meal plan. Even if it's just a spot for suggestions,tips,etc that have worked for others like the ones the last poster suggested.

I also agree it's all about planning and prep. Forgive me I'm a Culinary student, so I think of things in a kitchen sense.

I would also keep in mind that "breakfast" doesn't HAVE to be breakfast foods. As long as the "meal" is balanced and not too high in calories it shouldn't do any harm to have a tortilla with chicken,avocado, and salsa for breakfast verses one with eggs,bacon,and cheese.

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9/17/10 11:09 P

Being "on the go" just means extra planning. Trust me, you feel super busy in college, but life never stops being busy! Learn to set your priorities now. Make sure you eat breakfast every day - A few scoops of yogurt with bran cereal on top takes about 2 minutes to eat, and is healthy - you can take a banana to go.
Pack baggies of things ahead of time (ie, Sunday) so they're ready to go. Pack your lunch each night the night before. Buy bigger bags of items (cheaper) and then separate them into smaller ziplocks yourself. This is good for things like baby carrots, snap peas, etc. Make a "sandwich filling" on Sunday which will last at least a few days (ie, tuna salad, egg salad, etc) and throw a sandwich together every night. Fruit tends to be easy to grab-and-go. I throw soft fruits like pears, peaches & nectarines in a ziplock with a paper towel, and seal it with a bit of air to create a "pillow", to help keep it from getting bumped and bruised.
Trail mix is good in a pinch, in small amounts... just remember it's VERY high calorie.
If you're running between classes, pack lots of small snacks you can have between classes, otherwise you'll be starving and end up stopping at a vending machine. Not healthy, and gets expensive!
Also, small single-serving yogurts can be great, and have protein. Another prepare-the-night-before-but-easy-to-carry
-and-eat item would be hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I carry little baggies of goldfish crackers (again, buy a big bag and separate yourself to save a lot of money).

Hope that helps a bit! :) Good luck

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9/16/10 11:14 P

It's not only college students who are on the go! There isn't an "on the go" meal plan. The College Living Lifestyle Center might have some ideas you can use. Here's the link:

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9/16/10 4:44 P

I am a very busy college student, and many times I don't have time to cook or anything. Some days, I have fifteen minutes for lunch and that includes hiking across campus. I really feel that Spark should add an option for "on the go" meal plan.

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