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2/2/13 5:29 P

I checked myself into an eating disorder clinic and what I learned there has changed alot. I still have a long way to go but doing alot better. First if all I learned I had to have something to do with my hands. I now paint and craft and crochet and trust me I can't paint or crochet but no judgement, I am learning. When it comes to food they taught nothing is off limits. All food in moderation, because its when I tell myself I can't have that I wind up having way to much. Small meals 4-5 times a day and I have 3 drinks with breakfast 2 with lunch and dinner and dessert with lunch. So for brkfast I would have say juice, tea and milk. I have to drink my juice and milk but tea and water is optional all drinks are only a cup. I eat all my food and drink my drinks and trust me I am full. You eat your meals even if not hungry. Every thing is exact portion and say if you have steak you only have 2 ounces, but your not denying yourself anything and you know your eating every 3 hrs or so. I don't know why but it works and I have had fewer episodes than ever. The only episodes I have had was when I tried to go strictly healthy again because everyone kept saying you need to eat this and that.

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2/1/13 7:59 P

Thank you all for your help. It is greatly appreciated.
Hearing about problems that everyone else has had and has moved past it gives me hope and encouragement I can do the same.

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1/31/13 6:06 P

I got some therapy for my eating issues and that seemed to help. It also helped to get off the diet roller coaster and realize that it is a life style change. You have to like yourself well enough to do this. you have to make yourself a priority in this........You can do this. I would check on some therapy.

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1/31/13 5:52 P

There's no one method that works for everyone, but I wanted to say I feel for you. Also, I wanted to share some of my story... and if one sentence of the following verbal diarrhea helps, it's worth it ^_^
For a long time I had a similar feeling. Especially when we went somewhere, I would try to grab as much as possible since I didn't know when we'd go back to __________ (we often did) and it never tasted the same reheated! Another reason was that I was a college student (or high school and on allowance, before that) and well, the bigger the portion, the less it costs for what you get; I was *saving* money! Tuesday I had to eat lunch by myself at a pizza place, and they only sold full (about 10") pizzas. It was the first time I stopped after a couple slices and left the rest on the table, staring at me. Part of me still feels a pang at the waste of it, but at least I didn't go up a couple lbs on the scale!
I think the first break for me was when I finally decided to really try this diet my mom had been pushing me into for a while; 13days, you eat what it tells you and your metabolism is supposed to increase. Either way, I got stubborn and decided to stick to it (mostly to prove to my mom that it was a load of crud). And I did. It was really hard the first few days. There were no portions but it would say 2 eggs, or minced meat, etc. After 13d I had really reduced my portions for long enough to prove to me that I *can* survive on less (and by then my stomach had stopped complaining), so my portions equilibrated at more reasonable sizes. I had also lost quite a bit (water weight, but hey!) and it did give me a bit of a boost to keep going. Then I tried to do some exercise, etc, and when I started *that* I'd be more likely to stop myself before I ate too much and wasted all that sweat for a stupid cookie or extra ______. I didn't like cardio (still can't say I do, though I *love* the feeling of surviving it and knowing I don't have more to do until next time), so the idea of doing extra to work off something was a big boost in my ability to make smart choices. Fear and laziness, basically, but hey, it seemed to work (so long as I told myself that I was required to actualyl *do* the cardio I was supposed to do, but I have a couple friends who were willing to bug me every day and keep me accountable ^_^).
For me, the sugar was hard... I think the first step for me was to not use sugar in my tea (I'm a big tea drinker, like 1l minimum... so it adds up), and after a while I find unsweetened tea far tastier and can find more flavors in it. I'm not sure if I started because I noticed some teas taste really good without (green) or because I wanted to actually cut the sugar). It took a while, and at first I had to make sure it was quite weak (what I later found out was that to make tea tasty while adding sugar, most people over-brew it to keep the flavor over the sugar, so the best tea was about half way between my diluted one and the one I had previously made).
Soda was hard as hell. I think I decided to stop because I could practically *feel* it corroding my teeth (and I figured my broken ankle was partly to do with soda's effects on bones as well -_-; ), though it may have been a mix of that and realizing that that *is* a hell lot of calories and maybe that'd be enough to drop a couple pounds (it wasn't). I will say that if you don't have it for long enough it *will* taste overpowering (and somewhat like chugging honey) when you try some. That goes for other sugary stuff.
I had some cake recently (I've tried staying away from store-made cakes for a *while* now, and don't eat much refined sugar), and it was delicious, and I really enjoyed the first half... and then... I could barely finish the piece (actually left some of the chocolate fudge topping) because it was just *too much* sugar all at once. Body wasn't used to it. You have no IDEA how happy I was about that (though yes, slightly sad about not finishing the yummy yummy cake... it was seriously to DIE for). It meant I had done it long enough that I won't fall off the wagon and binge just because I suddenly got the munchies. I still have chocolate (specially when TOM comes), but somehow I've been able to grab 3 blocks and stop (even after I started losing weight, the time I *did* get chocolate I had the *whole* stupid thing... ). It wasn't something I noticed at first, and it probably started with me eying the chocolate and telling myself 'just one peice...' and ended up nabbing 3. But it was still just 3. I figure a big part of it for me is that I *had* gotten results, and the fear of undoing all my hard work scared me more than a tarantula would (still does, to some extent).
The other big thing that helped was changing other things. Things that had no influence on how much I weighed. I started putting eyeshadow on, since at 23, I really *should* have known how to do that, I started painting my nails at 19 because a high school teacher mentioned how she thought that someone who didn't take care of their hands couldn't be trusted to take care of her (finances, remodeling, I don't remember anymore), but I started playing with really pretty colors and patterns. I stopped waiting for me to get thin before I tried making myself pretty. And once I did, it kinda helped me realize that the mascara that I kept getting in my eye was taking me a few seconds now, and how things tend to get easier in time with practice. More importantly, I started thinking how much prettier I'd look without that fatpad on my neck, or the extra chin(s).
sorry for the rant.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
1/31/13 5:20 P

have you tried to get some sort of mental health type counselling about this? because if you can rationally acknowledge that you're not hungry and still wanting to eat, you're not really following food or digestive type cues anymore. and someone in that area should be able to help you sort out what's related to your digestive tract and what's not.
at the very least look into emotional eating. because if you are eating because you're mad/sad/bored/happy/feeling silly then no amount of food is ever going to contribute to that feeling.
also make sure you're tracking what you're eating, especially when you're choosing healthier options. because sometimes people, when trying to eat healthily, cut calories far too drastically and make poor choices and combinations. in other words, if they want chocolate, they have celery sticks. and while celery sticks aren't a bad choice overall, they're a poor snack. i've never met or heard of anyone feeling full after eating plain celery. unless they ate something like four heads of it or something. so, since celery has nothing but fiber and water it needs to be paired with something that has fat and protein to make it a better choice. things like cheese, hummus or nut butter are good choices to balance out the celery and make it a complete snack. same for most other veggies. they need a little bit of protein and fat to round them out.
the second part of tracking is making sure that you note when you get hungry after a meal/snack. because they are not created equal and they aren't equal for all people. and what i mean by that is that if you pay attention you will find some foods leave you hungrier sooner than others. and others fill you up and keep you full longer. and these are different for everyone. i know a lot of people find eggs filling, while i am just as hungry when i am done eating them as i was when i started. for me, potatoes are the most filling food. but if you're tracking and paying attention to this, you can start zeroing in on what works for you. and when you find meals/snacks that aren't keeping you as full as long, first work on tweaking them to be more like the things that do keep you full. if that doesn't work, try a new thing entirely.

GLINDAW Posts: 162
1/31/13 5:05 P

Yeah, I can imagine that would be hard! I would have a tough time with that to. Hopefully you will tire of the things you serve there. emoticon Do they have anything that is reduced fat? If you have to have something try having a child's portion. Sometimes just getting the taste is all you need. Make sure you pack healthy alternatives to bring to work.

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1/31/13 4:59 P

This is by far the worse it has ever been. I also work as a manager of a Dairy Queen which makes it very difficult to say no to something you serve and make and smell all day.

GLINDAW Posts: 162
1/31/13 4:55 P

I totally get it. I think the best thing to do is to not deprive yourself. Start out with some goals like eating more fruit and veggies, drinking more water etc. If you have a soda habit, try to eliminate that or drink less... If you have chocolate cravings try to satisfy it with things like healthy choice fudge pops, jello sf pudding, etc. Or just have a small serving along with a protein snack to fill you up. Don't be hard on yourself or expect yourself to be perfect. Make small changes and over time they will add up. We can do this! emoticon

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1/31/13 4:46 P

Hi, I am new on here. I decided to join because i keep failing at staying motivated to accomplish a goal..... whether a big or small.
I have an addiction to food. I feel like there is something in my brain telling me to eat more even when I'm not hungry. People who smoke always say they crave nicotine and that's why its so difficult to quit.... well i believe i am addicted to sugar and feel like Its a NEED to keep moving.
I have tried several different things.... and even if i only surround myself with healthy food then I will snack and snack and snack on healthy food until i have over ate by a lot and would have been better off to eat the chocolate I originally wanted!
I have tried small goals to try to stay motivated. I have tried bigger goals. I have tried to make a chart of my "if i done this i would be this" to try to motivate me. I did lose 50lbs in my past but have gained every bit of that back. This time its twelve times harder.
I need to make myself stronger to be able to just say no! Any tips?
I am very obese. This is something that is past a want for my life. It;'s a need.

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