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8/5/14 11:35 A

I am glad I track because I can rein in my eating when it gets out of control, and if I see something I'm not familiar with, I can track the calorie content to see if it's good for me. For example, I had granola the other week, thinking it was a healthy substitute for potatoes or oatmeal - boy was I wrong. 600 calories in one cup.

Plus it helps me get as close to my target calorie limit as I can get without busting it open or starving myself.

8/4/14 11:12 P

Like others, tracking ahead of time helps me for a few reasons. It encourages me to stay on track throughout the day and in tracking the foods that I really want later in the day (i.e. dark chocolate), it helps me know how many calories I have left to use for the meals I haven't already pre-planned (like if my wife cooks something for dinner I wasn't expecting, etc.).

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
8/4/14 5:09 P

What I do especally if I know I am going to have a full jam packed day is I prep all of my food in the morning or even the night before. Then in the morning when I am motivated I add everything in the tracker.

What this does for me is also encourages me to stick to my meal plan an not do extra snacking through out the day because I know my numbers are good starting out.

For me this took a bit of practice figuring out exactly what and how much food I needed to get me through the day and be in my ranges.


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8/4/14 4:53 P

I stopped counting Calories and just simply eat Healthy and workout, and the weight is finally coming off. I don't stress anymore. If I do have a treat that is not the healthiest then I just work harder and get back on track with the healthy eating. Make my own meals, we all know it is much better than Fast Food.

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
8/4/14 5:08 A

I'm avoiding restaurants now -cheaper and if I can't track it I don't eat it. For variety there are tons of Spark recipes.

EREBECCA1 Posts: 95
8/1/14 6:53 A

Measure your food - if you eat out put the name of the restaurant into the food tracker as a lot of foods are on there. Over estimate rather than under estimate.

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8/1/14 6:45 A

Thank you for all the great tips! I know this is something I need to do and with your help I think it just got a little easier. I plan on going to the grocery store after work today with a list of my weekly meals - with breakfast and lunch being the same each day for now. That way knowing ahead of time will make it so much easier to track my food until I get the hang of it and it just becomes a habit. Now if I can just get that measuring part down too :)

SHOTOKIDO SparkPoints: (101,572)
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7/31/14 9:23 P

It's similar to learning to eat healthier.

The key is to simply do what I should, rather than act according to my feelings at the moment.

I might feel like eating junk, but if I take the action of having something healthy instead, after a fairly short while, that becomes my new norm.

Same thing with tracking.

I didn't feel like doing it (and sometimes still don't), but after I did the Nike thing for a little while (Just Do It) it became normal to me.

Automatic, even.

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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/31/14 7:27 P

Getting used to tracking your food really is a pain in the neck. When I first started doing it I spent hours entering nutritional information off packages.

Top tip: buy a scale to measure food in grams. If you don't already have measuring spoons & cups, get some.

Secondary tip: eat mostly the same things every day for breakfast, lunch & snacks. That leaves only dinner as a new entry most days. Honestly the longer I've been doing this the shorter the time it takes, because I eat mostly the same things over & over.


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7/31/14 11:24 A

Have you set weight goal and date so that it shows you your calorie limits for the day? I make a game of trying to beat it through every trick I can think of such as substitutions and consuming lots of low calorie foods to drive my daily calories down without being hungry. Once you start treating it like a game it becomes self-motivating to do it.

RONNIE_JONNIE SparkPoints: (2,002)
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7/31/14 10:48 A

If you can, try using the SP app on your phone or ipad and not just comp. I find that having it right at my finger tips helps me stay in the proper count. If not, just try reading the labels and sticking with the serving size and try to keep track (closely) in your head.
Tracking and staying focused really are the keys to doing this.

YERO14 SparkPoints: (8,637)
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7/31/14 8:03 A

Any tips on tracking your food? I know it's an important step to figure out where my calories are coming from, but I just can't seem to get my act together to do this. No matter how motivated I am in the morning, by the evening the motivation is gone. Thanks!

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