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2/24/14 7:48 A

Congratulations with the tracking!! I resisted at first, too, thinking that I was doing fine (things looked fine....) ha ha boy was I wrong! Turns out I was suffering from a major case of Portion Distortion!

Anyway, it's kinda a pain at first, but you really get used to it in no time.

The Recent tab is a great feature, as is the Favorites tab.

Good luck ;)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,329
2/24/14 7:27 A

the previous poster is correct that the program can't track two foods at once. so if you have coffee with skim milk, you have to break it down into what ingredients you actually used. coffee doesn't come automatically with skim milk, so that means that you have to measure each item that you use and enter is separately. so if your coffee is just milk and skim, you enter coffee, select the plain generic entry from spark [should be the first thing that comes up, if it's not, look at your search options and perhaps tick don't show fast food ] and enter in the volume of coffee you had. then search skim milk, check the nutrition info to make sure that it matches the container in front of you, enter that info in if you can't find one that matches, and enter in the volume of milk that you used. because someone who drinks 16oz of plain black coffee will get about 4 calories from that. someone who uses 1/4 cup of skim milk in that is going to get 21 cals from that. if you use 2 Tablespoons of milk, that's only going to be 10 cals. if you use half a cup of milk in there, that's 42 cals. the tracker can't know how much milk you use until you tell it.
same for the tuna sandwich on whole wheat. what is that? just a slice of whole wheat bread can vary from 40 cals to 160 depending on what brand you buy. if you buy ezekial 4:7, then that's what you need to search and enter in the number of slices you had. if you had a sara lee thin, then that's what you need to search. market pantry, kroger, wonderbread? that's what you need to look for because there is so much variety in just the bread. and what else is in a tuna sandwich? tuna, but do you use fresh, canned, bagged? and how much of it per sandwich? one, two, three, four, five ounces? more? there isn't a standard amount of tuna to fit on a sandwich. when most people make tuna [at least where i'm from], it's tuna salad. so is there mayo [what brand? how much?]? greek yogurt [brand? amount?]? is there celery or onion or anything else mixed in there? granted if you're buttering the bread, you make your tuna sandwiches very differently than i have ever had them. so how much butter spread do you use? half a teaspoon? a teaspoon? two teaspoons? a Tablespoon? is there lettuce on your sandwich? tomato? the tracker can't know how much people use with so many recipes out there. so you have to break it down for the tracker. while tuna sandwich for you means that one thing, if you came over to my house you'd get something very different [with very different calories] if i made you a tuna sandwich. and that would happen 100 times over if you went to 100 other houses. so since there isn't a single recipe for what a tuna sandwich is, you have to break down what you use and enter in the amount of that item for the tracker to be useful
funny fact scrambled egg is a recipe, not a action. in other words, if you crack an egg, mix it up with a fork and toss it in a pan to cook, that's not a scrambled egg. a scrambled egg includes milk and fat of some kind, them you scramble and cook. there are so many ways to use the same base ingredients and call it the same thing that you have to break out what you actually use.

2/24/14 7:13 A

emoticon that was helpful

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2/24/14 5:48 A

You have to break things down into their ingredients. For coffee you would enter the milk, the sugar and the coffee separately. Actually, coffee doesn't have any calories so I would just enter the milk and sugar to save time. Same thing for your sandwich- enter the bread, tuna and spread separate.

2/24/14 5:31 A

Okay so I have finally decided to make peace with the food tracker .
I am seriously lost though like today I typed in "Coffee , Skim Milk" that I made at home nothing would come up till I typed in "Coffee" Only and the only one I found was dunken donuts coffee with skim milk emoticon .
How do I do this ?

Like now I am having a tuna sandwich that I made at home on whole wheat bread and I spread some I can't believe it's not butter on it so how would I log that ?

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