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8/3/13 8:38 A

Whatever works for you. Where I'm at I'd say we have at least 3-4 people (sometimes much more) on a diet at any given time. I assemble my lunches at work which is a bit unorthodox for where I am but have gotten many good compliments on what I'm eating.

If anyone thinks the scale itself is wierd, fashion it that you need to ensure you're eating *enough* of the *right nutrients* during the day instead of not "eating too much".

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8/3/13 8:37 A

sometimes you can get a decent food scale at a reasonable price, so why not keep one at work?

Otherwise, if you've pre-measured; weigh the remainder when you return home, and just adjust your tracker at that time.

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8/3/13 5:46 A

I weigh all my food and home, and if there is any left, I way that when I get home, and just record what I ate ...... OR I eat the rest at another time, as a snack, during that day.


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8/3/13 5:14 A

I reckon I'd pack the pre-measured (at home) snacks in smaller sizes, like a pp suggested. If only about half of it is satisfying you, why portion it out in a larger serving size? Alternately, you could eat part of it today and part of it tomorrow, tracking 1/2 for each day. Doesn't really matter that today's "half" is a little bigger or smaller than tomorrow's-- it averages out.

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8/2/13 8:39 P

I keep measuring cups, spoons and a scale in my desk drawer --

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8/2/13 7:29 P

I would probably go with option one or two that BUNNYKICKS mentioned, just to avoid the obnoxious influx of "oh, are you on a diet?" from nosy coworkers. If that's not a problem for you, they have very slim digital scales available on Amazon that are supposed to be good for travel. You could easily keep it in a desk drawer or your purse without having to deal with something bulky.

Personally, though, I'd just pack less to start with (and bring along an extra in case the first bit isn't enough). It seems like a waste of time to measure everything twice if it could be avoided just by packing smaller quantities.

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8/2/13 6:08 P

You could pre-measure your snacks into smaller packets, and take two with you. Maybe you eat just one; maybe you eat both. Either way, you'll know *exactly* what you ate.

Or you could take your leftovers home and weight the remains, then the difference is what you ate.

Or, sure, a food scale at work, why not? It's an extra expense but they really are very handy.

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8/2/13 5:36 P

Hi all,
I use a food scale everyday at home. I premeasure snacks, grains, cheese and meats to make sure my calorie count is accurate. I was wondering though, when I bring in a premeasured snack (something like homemade trail mix, granola or dried fruit) to work, I usually only eat about half of what would be considered a serving before I'm satisfied. Should keep an additional food scale at my office to measure what I'm actually eating so I can track more efficiantly? I hate tracking 1/2 a serving when I'm not 100% sure it's 1/2. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the advice and support!
- Deb

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