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4/8/11 4:25 P

No envy here. I eat what I want, in moderation of course. I don't really crave sweets and greasy snacks though, so that situation probably would not have been much of a problem for me. I crave salty and savory things like crazy sometimes, so it's hard to go to a restaurant and order a salad or something good for me though. On the rare occasion my hubby and I do go out for dinner, I get what I want and enjoy every bite.

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4/8/11 2:21 P

yes, i feel the same way every time we have a family holiday, needless to say my in laws and family isnt exactly making healthy choices when they bring their food. I always make sure i bring something healthy, that way i know that there will be something there for me to eat that is healthy.

4/8/11 1:31 P

Nevermind. I see you're under 5 feet tall. Got it!

Just remember - these people are prob envious of you, for being able to make great choices!

4/8/11 1:27 P

I can't help but notice that your sig says you are 102 pounds... What's your goal? This doesn't sound quite... healthy.

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4/8/11 12:22 P

I used to feel that. I can relate. But I have more resolve and confidence now and I see that it it the other way around! The people pigging out tell me they admire my will power and self control! I feel really proud with my plate full of veggies and I proudly say 'no, thanks!' (yes, the little voice inside my head is always telling me to have just a little taste of that chocolate cupcake).

TONYAGIRL1 Posts: 258
4/8/11 11:48 A

It can be tough. I just remind myself that my body can actually "use" the food I put into my body. The vitamins, minerals, and other healthy benefits of the food I eat far surpasses the fat and other unhealthy additives they are eating.

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
4/8/11 11:42 A

I have this problem, too; it's tough to stick with healthy foods when my roommate and friends are eating junk in front of me. I'm going out with them tomorrow night and will try to think of your story and how you beat the envy bug if I feel tempted to eat junk at dinner :)

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4/8/11 10:40 A

One of the things that has helped my journey into health easier has been to realize what foods are bad for me. What I mean by that is I think of them as toxic, poisonous, deadly in large quantities. It is so much easier to turn down a slice of cake when I look at it as something that is ok in small quantities, dangerous in moderate quantities and deadly in large quantities. Maybe this is the wrong attitude, but it sure works for me.

AMANDATR Posts: 224
4/8/11 10:23 A

I have mentioned I am eating healthier to everyone. No more late night trips to the grocery store, too tempting. Making sure I am not around friends who are eating all the time. It's a lifestyle change and can't have temptation around while I am changing my habits. Good luck to everyone!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,302
4/8/11 7:34 A

once you have been eating better for a while, i think there is some value in indulging in one of these junk food for alls [at least as much as you would have before]. why? because if you have been eating pretty darn well, it is probably going to make you at least a little sick to your stomach. it's like people who stop eating at mcdonald's, eat much healthier and then find themselves back to have their old usual. which generally means they spend a good few hours in the bathroom right after. having that sort of negative feedback to refer to can make it easier to say no. because your last memory is pain and a funny taste instead of this glorified i love that and want it and want it even more.
when i was little, i was one of the kids who always had little debbies in my lunchbox. as i got older and eventually started changing my habits, i stopped buying them as part of an effort to better my diet. but i still have all of these fond memories of them and decided to treat myself to them. made it halfway through the fist one and it started to taste waxy. i don't think i've finished one since and can barely get through the first bite when i try them. i mean, i feel like eating a candle.
and when the whole family went out to mcdonalds for old times sake, i was slightly tempted, but decided i could go without. and i ended up being the only person in the house to do anything other than be moaning in the bathroom. and i was very validated in my choice and many more years later, even the smell of mcdonalds is enough to turn my stomach.
i may be the odd one out, but i know i feel a hell of a lot better than them later on in the day. you reach a point where you just can't do things that you used to. and that's all across life, not just in food. making a good choice for you isn't something to be upset by. and it takes time [and sometimes total denial] to get to the point where you can handle things, be the old friends, situations, or foods that you are used to using in a certain way. it takes time to build up new habits around those things, and even longer for them to replace your old habits and such.

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
4/8/11 7:18 A

I think people are afraid to be the one to bring the healthy dish to a potluck. They fear standing out or nobody eating what they brought. If people did take note that your contribution was well received, and gone, you may find that next time more people do bring better options.

Your feelings were perfectly natural and I am glad to see you stopped beating yourself over them and are proud that you resisted temptation. That is a huge step in the right direction.

I may never stop wishing I could be one of the people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. But, I do know that is the reality and have to work with what is.

Good luck on your continued success.

4/8/11 6:52 A

Oh yes I totally went through the same issue. My husband is always eating whatever he wants. I just had to come to terms that he is not watching his weight and neither does he have the same goals as I. Once I let go of the envy and accept that fact, I was able to move on.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/8/11 12:00 A

Where I work we often have social eating- we have make a politic that max two options of protein, complex carb bread and salad has to be on the board..

Pot luck dinners don't happen if people as a group make better decisions.. I have better things to do than met up to a binge-a-thon..

I don't even do church dinners anymore.. As people make it a sport to ask me why I am not eating- they are not satisified I turn up just to be social..

WINNIIIE Posts: 396
4/7/11 11:22 P

Thank you all for the kind words and feedback. Now that I have had some more time to reflect on the pot luck I feel very very proud of myself for having such awesome self control.
At the time it was very difficult and I almost was feeling sorry for myself and my situation, but now I see that I am the one who is better off and I have ZERO guilt for not indulging in those sweets, I feel better that I didn't!!!

I think in the heat of the moment I was just overwhelmed by the huge consumption of deserts and chips around me that I forgot to ground myself and reflect. I just thought about how I felt deprived and isolated because I couldn't "join in on the feast". I went for a 30 minute run and came home and had a kashi bar that had dried cranberries. It was much tastier and healthier than any of those gross, pre packaged cupcakes!

MAZYDAZY76 SparkPoints: (3,205)
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4/7/11 10:35 P

Since I started watching what I eat I no longer feel envious of other people. I look at them and instead of being jealous of them I feel a little bad for them. I think most people are oblivious as to what they are shoving in their mouths. I know I was. I now feel so good about my food choices that I have no reason to be upset about what I am not eating. Maybe it will help some if you think about it in those terms. Great job on resisting those temptations!

4/7/11 9:55 P

I just finished a spinach ceasar salad with anchovies, skim milk cheese and multi grain home made crutons, olive oil, and lemon juice and egg yolk.....

my body likes the healthy food... the only hard part was making it... those cupcake eaters should envy me cause my body just said thank you.

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
4/7/11 9:33 P

How much guilt do you think the majority of them are experiencing now? Think about what this post would say if you HAD indulged and had too many treats?

You get to be proud that you made the best choice for you at the time.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/7/11 8:20 P

the others weren't having an amazing time.. they were killing should probably find a way to get single servings of chocolate, or whatever you crave in healthy amts.

FROGISCO SparkPoints: (0)
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4/7/11 8:11 P

Very well done! I feel the same way about is too many and 20 is not enough. Good for you for not having the first of many 'treats' at the pot luck, and good food choice to bring! I think people still think (possably including myself) that treat food is a necessity for a party, when your 'health' food went in minutes......hmmmmm.

WINNIIIE Posts: 396
4/7/11 8:04 P

I actually found it funny that when I arrived with my food that everyone dove for it!!
I ended up arriving 10-15 minutes after everyone else and when I got there everyone was already very deep in pigging out on all the delicious treats. All of my fruit and veggies were gone within 20-30 minutes, which boggles my mind because if people really enjoyed eating fruits and veggies more than high calorie/empty calorie chips and cookies they should have brought some too.

I was just shocked that out of 25 people I was the only one who didn't bring something that was sugar, salt or carb loaded. When I imagine I pot luck I think home made soups, a veggie dish, fresh bread with health dip etc. I guess next time we should better organize who brings what food items.

Luckily I follow mostly a vegan diet, so when people were bugging me that I wasn't eating the cupcakes, cookies, brownies etc, I explained that I was a vegan and didn't consume any animal products. I am lucky that I have that as a simple reason to explain to people why I am not stuffing my face in deserts. I would dread having to explain why I couldn't have one cupcake to people because I would become an out of control cookie monster consuming anything within reach!!!

TCHRSHEA Posts: 228
4/7/11 7:57 P

You did a very good job. It is hard. I know how you feel too. Were people happy that you brought the veggies? I am a teacher and one year I had students sign up for veggies and dip and fruit along with other stuff for a party, most kids ended up bringing that stuff and stuffed their faces with the veggies and the fruit over the chips etc.

Maybe next time you could bring your kind of dessert so you could at least have that as well as the veggies?

I would be one to go hog wild if I saw that...I doubt I could have one, so I feel your pain, but be proud of yourself! :) Well done.

4/7/11 7:51 P

I am glad that you were able to resolve it through thinking it out. You took care of yourself by bringing a healthy alternative. I don't feel envious because I know if I really wanted to eat that I would. You also stated that you do allow yourself treats. Maybe next time you could allow yourself a treat in that type of situation.

WINNIIIE Posts: 396
4/7/11 7:47 P

I was recently at a meeting for my volunteer group and it was supposed to be a pot luck. Out of the 25 people who attended, I was the only person who brought an array of veggies, fruit and healthy dips. All the other food was cupcakes, oreo cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, ice cream, chips, cheese dips and high calorie drinks like coke, sprite, etc.

Everyone was eating tons of cookies, chips and dip etc, while I felt like the only person not partaking in the junk food binge-a-thon. I felt extremely isolated and crazy envy of the people around me scarfing down cupcake after cupcake. I was so jealous all of the people having an amazing time and not caring about what they were putting in their bodies that I had to leave I was so upset.

I allow myself daily indulgences of chocolate, vegan ice cream, vegan cookies, etc, but I knew that if I had a slice of cake or a bite of a brownie that I would not be able to control myself or stop. I was upset and angry at myself for not being able to be in control and stopping myself from a massive massive binge eat. I used to be a complete sugar/chocolate addict and I find that I need to always make sure that when I indulge I can be in charge of the portion size. If I am craving a cupcake I go to the store and buy one, but I couldn't make a batch at home and not eat all of them in a sitting.

Has anyone else been struck with the food envy bug? I was just couldn't believe how upset it made me that I couldn't participate in the food out when everyone else because of my out of control issues with food.
BUT I am also glad that I was able to realize that I couldn't have one cupcake and not go completely hog wild and I am proud of my self control for not consuming all of the junk food. Instead I treated myself to bananas, apples, carrots ad celery which I dipped in the salsa that I brought. Now that I am away from all the junk food I am really happy that I didn't give in to temptation, but it was really really difficult being around a group of people pigging out on food that has given me so much false comfort/pain in the past.

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