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1/31/11 4:41 P

I found a great dehydrator recipe for Kale Chips.
And there are about of dozen Kale Chips recipes at SparkRecipes, (so it has the nutritional info too) but instead of baking them in the oven, I put them in my dehyrdator for about 8 hours at 120 degrees. Kale Chips are crunchy like potato chips and a lot healthier. My favorite:
1 Bunch of Kale, (remove leafy part from main stem, some pieces will be 2in, some 1 in)
1.5 T Olive Oil (I like jalapeno infused oil)
1 t vinegar (pick your favorite flavor)
Seasoning to taste (salt, Fat Free cheese popcorn seasoning, etc)

Mix Oil & Vinegar together. Drizzle on kale, mix well. Add seasoning, mix again. Place on dehydrator trays, dry at 120 degrees for @ 8 hours.
This made 4 trays (leaving space around the pieces).

1/31/11 10:00 A

I've had mine for 15 years and love it. I've done fruits and herbs with it, but mostly have done jerky. I buy lean roasts and ask the butcher to slice it thin for me. Then I marinade the meat for at least 12 hours before I begin to dry it. Jerky is easy to take along camping or boating for healthy protein snacks and has also made great Christmas gifts that have been really appreciated.

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1/31/11 2:52 A

I freeze onions for that use too. The onion powder is good to have for making your own spice mixes like chili powder.

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1/30/11 6:33 P

we have been thinking about dehydrating for some time now for camping.
didn't think about making my own onion powder. i usually freeze chopped onion for chili, spaghetti, etc.
my DH wants to try jerky.

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1/29/11 5:33 P

There are a lot of sites that specialize in storing and putting up food that have information. Do a search for "drying food" or "dehydrating food" and you'll be able to read for days!

I have an old Deni model that I've had for years and it works well for me. I dry mostly apples. But I also buy bulk celery (that still has the leaves on) and dry the leaves and small stems to make my own celery flakes. I dry onions to make my own onion flakes and powder. Parsley. All kinds of herbs.

My dehydrator has several specialty trays--one especially for herbs and one for making fruit leather (like Fruit Roll Ups). Making your own fruit leather is nice because you can control the sugar and additives.

I tried drying grapes once to make raisins but boy that took a long time...

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1/29/11 3:50 P

Does anyone have a food dehydrator? What healthy foods and snacks do you make in it? Any idea where I can get some instructions/recipes?

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