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2/2/13 9:29 P

Canadian bacon, pork tenderloin, goat and bison are all lean meat. Eggs are a good protein source too.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
2/2/13 9:46 A

I would use chicken but also start exploring recipes that don't have meat but use beans and lentils. Not every healthy recipe has turkey, fish or meat.

I don't care for tofu much but you could also try that.

KERRIJ82 Posts: 5
2/2/13 9:21 A

Thanks for all the awesome suggestions.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,317
2/1/13 12:05 P

Yeah, I'd have to second the comment that not all healthy recipes have turkey or fish in them. I'd have to say I think there's more recipes for chicken than anything else. I don't eat fish (except tuna) and only eat turkey when I do a whole turkey breast in the crock pot and then use the leftovers for something like turkey chili. Which can just as easily be made from chicken.

We don't eat a lot of beef, but there are plenty of recipes for beef as well. Ground meat or slabs of various cuts.

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2/1/13 11:17 A

I've found that any recipe that calls for ground turkey, you can swap in ground chicken, and vice versa. For fish, as others mentioned, chicken is usually fine to swap, or lean pork (like pork tenderloin).

And by the way not "every" healthy recipe has turkey or fish in it. I don't eat ground turkey too often, and pretty much never eat fish unless I'm at a nice restaurant (too expensive to buy where I live), and I eat plenty of healthy meals.

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2/1/13 11:09 A

Not sure if you would be interested in trying different animal sources of protein and you said you are not keen on red meat. However, where I live in Canada bison/buffalo is readily available and is a red meat but MUCH lower in fat than beef - I prefer it to beef. My family hunts so we also eat elk, deer and moose.

Have you considered some more "exotic" animal sources? Lamb, goose, duck, ostrich? I think ostrich is quite nice. You mentioned being allergic to fish; if you are not allergic to shellfish you could try shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops. Of course, these are usually more expensive than chicken, but not much more than good quality chicken and might be nice for a change to your regular diet.

You could check with your local farmer's market for local meat choices, you don't have to limit your shopping to a grocery store. Good Luck!

2/1/13 11:03 A

Egg, egg whites, beans...if you like any of these?

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,317
2/1/13 11:01 A

I like pork loin. I usually buy a whole one when they're on sale. Bring it home, slice it up, trim off all the fat. Freeze in single-serve packages wrapped in foil. Or (like I just did this morning) slice some for the freezer, and then leave a large chunk whole, to do in the crock pot. I've got Crock Pot Pulled Pork (recipe here on Spark) cooking for tonight's dinner. Should make plenty of leftovers-- there's only 2 of us. I'll freeze some of the leftovers to use as a quick supper this summer when I don't feel like cooking.

Or even go meatless a couple nights a week. I like lentils, they cook faster than, say, dried white beans. Lots of recipes for lentils. We like homemade vegetable soup-- I always add beans and rice, for the protein.

Cheese and nuts are protein foods too, but you need to be a little careful because of the fat content.

KERRIJ82 Posts: 5
2/1/13 10:49 A

So every healthy receipe has lean turkey or some kind of fish in it. I am allergic to both. Are there any suggestions of substitutes out there? I use chicken a lot I have never been much of a red meat person anyways. Would love to find a good substitute cause the same thing gets boring after a while.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

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