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2/22/11 2:27 P

I am addicted to food also, Here is what I did.:

I made small collages of motivational pictures and sayings (reminders like: "calories count" and pictures of my favorite veggies)

I then placed these collages everywhere food is, like on the cabinets in the kitchen, on the front of my fridge and freezer. Make them eye level and it reminds you every time.

This works for me, not sure if it will help you, but thought I would throw it out there.

Hang in there, and every little step you take gets you closer to your goal.

LORIJ111782 Posts: 29
2/22/11 2:00 P

Thank you all so much! I'm trying really hard to stay on track and remind myself that if I'm not hungry, I shouldn't be eating it! I know I'll slide at some point but I need to keep looking forward :) THank you all again!

IMTCDZ Posts: 803
2/21/11 7:52 P

I don't have any great advice because I have the same problem. The advice you received was encouraging and helpful to me also. I keep thinking of the many "success stories" that I've read and heard of people that seemed to have had as much of an addiction as I do and they overcame it. If they can do it than I can do it too - and so can you. I have lost weight a few times in the past and then would slide back into my old habits so I know I will always have to be diligent. It seems to be a day by day (ok, hour by hour) battle for me and many times I wave the white flag and give in to the cravings. I think we're at the right place though - Sparkpeople. Lots of great advise and encouragement. I wish you much luck!!!

MICHELLE1507 Posts: 20
2/21/11 5:42 P

I can DEFINATELY relate to what you are saying. I think about food constantly. The meal plan has helped me tremendously. Being able to click off the food I have eaten and know that my meal is done is helpful. I am trying to find other activities that I enjoy to help distract me; however, that doesn't always work. Yesterday I struggled with binging and I felt like giving up. Today is a new day and I feel that I have followed my meal plan and I have eaten mindfully without craving. It does get better.

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2/21/11 5:05 P

I am addicted to food also. I feel like I need to eat all the time - which is frustrating!!! What I have been doing lately is keeping busy with other things I enjoy. Writing, reading, playing with my son, or starting a home project like cleaning and organizing. I find if I keep my mind busy on other things I don't even think about eating.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
2/21/11 5:02 P

First of all, WELCOME! There are several resources available as well as support from fellow sparkers.
Secondly, I certainly am a recovering food addict myself. Back when I started this journey, I knew deep down that in order to be successful and keep the weight off I would have to tackle some inner demons. This is a daily process. I have to be aware of the emotions that come along with those cravings. I now realize WHY I have those 'cravings' and I am learning how to acknowledge and handle those issues in a different way. While I can't say it's 'gone away' I can now very easily say 'no' to sweets and junk foods when I know for a fact I'm not hungry.

LORIJ111782 Posts: 29
2/21/11 4:21 P

Hi everyone! I'm new here and having trouble with cravings. I'm definitely a food addict and compulsive overeater and the cravings feel like withdrawals :( I'm not hungry but I just want to eat all the time which makes it hard to stay on track. Does anyone else deal with this and if so how do you handle the cravings? Will they eventually go away over time with discipline?


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