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11/3/13 7:39 P

Double click, what I've found works for me is to join one of the Official Exercise Challenges. I started with the 10 min/day challenge, moved on to the January Jump Start Challenge, then the Skinny Jeans and now the Spring into Shape Challenge. With all these challenges except the 10 min per day, you do 30 minutes of cardio/day and 2 days of strength training for each body area--core, upper and lower using the SP videos so they average about 10 minutes for strength training. I have found this has helped me both ease into an exercise routine and prevents me from over doing in the beginning.

I'm now doing much more than 30 minutes of cardio every day, strength training 6days a week and I feel great. BTW, I'm 59 years old and obese so if it's working for me, it will work for most people.

11/3/13 2:36 P

Hi everyone.

So I just started back on the spark and have printed out a November workout calendar (the Fit and Trim November calendar from last year, the days match up perfectly with my 5k). I feel like I'm not getting enough of a workout with it on certain days (the non-walk days), as it only takes me about 5 minutes to get through it. I'm just beginning, so I'm worried about doing too much and being overwhelmed, but also not sure if it's actually enough.

That's where I'm sitting. If you follow a workout calendar, what do you suggest for a beginner?

Also, I'm going to be on the hunt for a December calendar in a few weeks, so I'm up for suggestions. emoticon

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