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1/5/12 4:08 P

The deal is... this is a LIFE change not a weight-loss change. If an excessive workout schedule does not fit into your life then it's not practical to do so!! The first time I lost my weight (yes, once upon a time) I didn't do much exercise outside of walking. You can lose the weight!!

It sounds like you have great ideas... so make sure you stick to them! (stairs, walking, etc.) Remember it's eat less, move more. Not eat less, do as much crazy exercise as possible. And those weekend Zumba classes will be more of a bonus! Maybe even get in one of the 10 minute SP videos in the morning or before bed if you are feeling like you need a little more! No one said it has to be one hour all at once!

I exercise on a regular basis because it's something I enjoy. And I am lucky enough to have the gym here at work for free! Otherwise it would be a much different story.

One more thing... you mentioned that packing food might make the nutrition more difficult... but I think the opposite! Think of it this way... it may take a little planning and preparation, but it is automatic portion control!! It may work out to your advantage!!!

Good luck!!! emoticon

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1/5/12 2:19 P

I go to college four days a week and I know I can get at least 10 minutes of walking in during the day (probably more than that) if I park at the end of the parking lot/the end-ish and I have to walk around on one side of campus a lot. I was hoping to maybe do a Zumba class on the weekends, too, and that would leave Friday as a rest day. So in theory, that would work, and I could focus more on intentional exercise on the two days that I have where I don't have work or class (just classwork).

Does that sound like a good compromise?

1/5/12 2:16 P

Absolutely. You can achieve significant fat loss focusing on nutrition alone.

It's a great idea to get the nutrition part down first, if that's where you see your biggest struggle coming from. Just try to get that fitness in where you can, as it's important too.

Fat loss is about 80-90% nutrition and 10% workouts, so definitely take the time you need to create good habits on eating.

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1/5/12 2:06 P

Is it okay to focus less on exercise? I'm really trying to get my eating in check and I'm crazy two jobs, doing one independent research project (field research), another one for an internship with my mentor, and I take classes on top of that (three lecture classes as of now, may add a fourth). Eating is going to be harder in some ways (packing food) than exercise (making the time to do it).

Is it okay just to start for like a month just parking farther away from the doors, taking stairs, etc? I'm still struggling to find a schedule where I can exercise, pack meals, etc, and still get 8 hours of sleep or close to it. I walked in to work after three weeks off of school/work and my boss looks at me (she's been on vacation) and told me I looked /so/ much better. Chronic exhaustion is not flattering.

I have tried Sparkpeople probably four or five times and "healthy eating" soooo many times before that and nothing has stuck. That's why I was hoping to focus on nutrition first while making tiny changes in exercise instead of trying to do "all or nothing"...


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