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5/16/14 10:24 A

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments. Thanks for turning me onto the Stick, I think that will work better for me and I happen to have a rolling pin in the kitchen that I never use!
I have a little foam stress ball that I use to massage my forearms; I have a lot of trouble with them after over zealous use of weed eater. Similar idea as foam roller and Stick.
Also, I have found a few ways to use the roller, similar to the suggestion of pressing it against the wall. I am working on kneeling on it, oh so gently, and rolling around as much as I can.
Stretching I've been learning more about and doing more, that is helpful too:)

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5/15/14 2:13 P


Do you have a large bare wall ? You could roll your back if you place the roller between yourself and the wall. If you were to do calf raises i.e. moving up and down on your toes, that would allow you to roll your back while standing. You could try this with your calves as well as your thighs. You'd need to face the wall for that.

You're in a difficult position. Every variation I think of to be able to use a foam roller is just as awkward (if not more so) than being on the floor.

example of a standing foam roller exercise.

Also, foam rollers are used break up the adhesions that are created in muscle fibers when a person strength trains. I compare stretches with a foam roller to be similar to a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage digs out the knots in a person's muscles.

Will a foam roller help you ? I'll be honest. I've worked with a foam roller and I'll tell you, it is not a pleasant experience. It can be extremely painful. Does it work to dig out the adhesions in muscle fibers ? yes, it does. but, once again... I don't know if this will help you.

It could end up being very painful and not what you expected.

Are you trying to stretch more ? If so, there are stretches for people with limited mobility.

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5/15/14 1:03 P

a mattress is too soft to support the rolling motion.

You're better off breaking up adhesions with something called The Stick, or use a rolling pin instead, while sitting in a chair.

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5/15/14 12:54 P

I haven't heard about the foam roller. But I would like more information on it.

5/15/14 12:28 P

After learning about foam rollers I ordered mine and eagerly awaited its arrival. Only now that it is here, I realize it is going to be a real problem for me to use. I am pretty much unable to get onto the floor and I can't be on my knees:( I'm not sure what I was thinking, only that what the roller does, break up blockages etc., sounds like exactly what I need.
I've found lots of videos for how to use the roller, but all have people on the floor.
I thought I'd try using it on my bed, how sad is that??
I appreciate any suggestions.

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