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9/10/12 11:21 A

Best suggestion--ask 'em! The ones who make the coffee can tell you what they use, then you will know for sure.

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9/10/12 11:03 A

Ok, so best bet is they use flavored coffee beans which doesn't add a noticible amount of calories?

I hope it isn't the instant coffee you mentioned... I really don't need that kind of sugar and dairy fat right now. Might just stick with regular and splenda to stay safe.

9/10/12 10:53 A

Depends on how it's made.

If the flavoring is "infused" before or during the roasting process, then maybe 2 calories a cup... because you'd get that any way with regular coffee (from the natural oils in the beans). Whole infused beans may (or may not) look like they have a little bit of powdery coating on them, depending on what the flavor happens to be, or they may have a shinier surface which doesn't look all that different from regular roasted beans that have natural bean oils. If you're buying a regular coffee, you want shiny beans. The older the beans, the less glossy and shiny they will look.

But if you have an instant coffee that comes as a powder, almost always they will have added sugar along with the flavor. Those flavored "International Coffee" tins are like this, and can be around 40-120 extra calories per cup if they add both sugar and powdered milk.

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9/10/12 10:52 A

I buy southern pecan flavored coffee beans, so I would assume that at your church they're probably just flavored coffee beans as well.

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9/10/12 10:19 A

Got a question and I'm not sure google will give me a solid answer so i'm asking here. When there's a couple coffee pots out and you have options like "regular" "decaf" "Southern Pecan" and "French Vanilla" Are they all basically no calories if you don't add anything to them?

Wondering, because normally I just drink my coffee black with maybe a packet of splenda added if its not tasting quite right. But at church we have a big thing of southern pecan coffee that is delicious which I always get. But in afterthought, I'm wondering if they just add a bunch of the southern pecan creamer to it to give it the falvor (thus adding a lot of fat and sugar) Or does the southern pecan flavor come from flavored beans or something and still be virtually 0 calories like regular coffee?

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