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JENDEM1121 Posts: 415
9/22/10 1:48 P

I think it really depends on what is in those creamers that you want to limit in your diet. If it is fat, you could try fat free half and half. If it's sugar, you might want to try something sugar free. If it's "fake stuff" stick with real half and half or even whole milk.

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9/22/10 10:43 A


You hit a good point...measuring the serving size of creamer is so Important, but it's so yummy I tend to eyeball the "correct" serving size...I know i'm so off but convince myself i eyeballed correctly...LOL.

Thanks for your advice!

Anyone else?

MEREDITH140 Posts: 6
9/22/10 10:38 A

I personally go for the sugar free kind. I measure one tablespoon out because I have noticed I use quite alot if I pour it straight in. Also some days I will use half flavored creamer and half skim milk to lower the fat. Cofee is something that is required for me in the mornings and I just can't drink it black! Maybe I was a little help!

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9/22/10 10:14 A

Hi SP:

I recently cut coffee creamer out of my diet for a few weeks....I tried enjoying coffee w/ sugar free syrups and splenda...but I realize coffee creamer is one of those things I don't want to omit. I can do w/o having it every day, but maybe a few times a week. I had some of my boyfriends International Delight Almond Toffee creamer in my coffee this morning, but don't want to keep using that one. It has way too much sugar in one TB.

Should I go for a FF version of cream? Or is Sugar Free what i should go for? Is there some kind of FF plain Creamer that I can use w/ my Flavored SugarFree Syrups?

I want to use Creamer, which is the Healthiest overall choice?

Thanks for your help!

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