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Getting tired of just plain water? Craving a sweet drink? Have you tried adding fruits and herbs? Or maybe even produce?

Personally I like to go out to my garden and grab a few different types of mints. I then add the mint and some lemons to a pitcher. I then grab a spoon (prefer wood if you got a wooden one) and slightly disturbed the fruit and herbs. You want to let the juices out but don't want to crush the lemons at the same time. Then add ice, or water, and place in the refrigerator. If you just added water you may want to wait till the morning to drink any.

Some other people have tried it with oranges and loved that combination. I've even scene one person add cucumbers. She said it really tasted great and was a great way to get her water in.

So why not try your own combination of herbs and produce and see what you like. It's going to taste much better than plain water and help stop the craving for a sweet drink.

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