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5/7/13 10:22 A

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/7/13 9:39 A

Yes, really dislike the fact my arms continue to "wave" after my hand has stopped!! :)

Women have more trouble with this and it is a continual attack to keep firming up!!

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5/6/13 11:40 A

You inspire me by having already lost 100 pounds. That was not easy! Congratulations! Don't lose sight of that challenge you already met!

Yes, you can gain results in toning flabby upper arms by doing exercises to target that area. Lifting weights especially for triceps and biceps 3-4 times a week along with other exercise for overall toning on other parts of the body will eventually tone them so they are less flabby. I cannot speak to the overall size.

If you have not lift weights in the past, search SP websites for upper body weight lifting examples on videos. Start with light weights and do about 2 sets of 20 repetitions for both triceps and biceps. Add lateral (arm) raises for shoulders and upper arms.

Become a student of major muscle groups and exercises for them. Get moving through walking, biking, jogging, dancing, hiking, swimming, snow or water skiing, or whatever you want, just get your body moving to get your heart rate up. Work up to 30 minutes 4 times weekly, then add on to that as you become stronger. If you've not done this in the past, start with 10 minute walks.

As you continue to lose weight overall, you will lose some fat in your arms. That will not help with toning. That will take targeted exercises. Get all the help you need. Ask questions, read, and be resourceful.

Focus on what you have accomplished, and keep moving forward.

I am 55 years old and have been exercising regularly for 40 years. lt was the one of the top smartest things I have ever done. Go for it!!

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/6/13 11:01 A

congrats on the weight loss, not sure how much strength training you do but that will help.

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5/6/13 10:41 A

I'm also a woman in her 50's working on the arms (and stomach, thighs, butt, etc.). For arms, I've had some success using the SP bootcamp videos available here, particularly the ones featuring stretch bands or light weights. I've also done the "Slim In 6" videos put out by Beachbodies. They're for overall body slimming but each DVD includes a band section and other armwork, besides working other areas. I wouldn't say my arms look great, but they are much better. I also completely agree that we women are usually MUCH tougher critics about our own bodies.

Congratulations on the great accomplishments you've already achieved. And keep pushing !!


5/6/13 8:10 A

I'm glad you asked this question. I am a 56 year old woman and I've lost 75 pounds. My arms are and have always been huge. I'm still motivated but maybe there will be some help or consolation from our fellow Sparkers. emoticon

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5/5/13 9:35 P

Burning fat is an all-body process, and unfortunately you can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. So doing arm specific exercises may build up the arm muscles, but will do absolutely nothing about the overlying layer of fat.

Where you store fat is largely a matter of genetics, and it sounds like you have inherited the 'arm fat' genes from your family.

But that doesn't mean you are stuck with your arms the way they are. What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and pretty soon the body will have no option but to take the fat from your arms. You have made huge strides in losing 100 lbs already, and you can continue your journey.


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5/4/13 8:02 P

First of all, Congratulations on your 100 lb weight loss. you should be proud of that. Do not give up hope. Continue on your journey. Although we can not choose where the weight comes off, we can definitely tone certain areas. I suggest doing the following exercises:
Dips, Triangle pushups, tricep kickbacks and / or bicep curls. I am by no means an expert...I am just trying to lose my flabby arms as well. Good luck!

5/4/13 1:24 P

I just visited your spark page, because after your colorful description of your arms, I had to see for myself.

I was prepared to see grotesque arm flesh...but I didn't. Your arms are not nearly as freakish as you think they are. I know you think people are "double-taking" your arms, but my guess is they aren't.

I struggled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia for years. When I weighed 110 pounds, I thought I was fat...huge...disgusting. I remember wearing a tank top, walking through the mall, and thinking that everyone was staring at me because I was so grotesque. (They weren't by the way.)

For the record, I have seen people with arms that are strangely large and flabby. You are not one of those people.

Stop beating yourself up about this. You look great. You've come so far on your journey! Don't let your mind play tricks on you and derail your progress!

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5/4/13 12:23 P

HELP ME PLEASE!! I'm a 54 year old woman and in 2012, I weighed 356lbs. I've lost 100lbs, but am now stuck because of my arms. Unfortunately, I'm pre-disposed to having huge arms (my mom and both grandma's had huge arms, too). They're the size of some people's thighs, and I'm not talking thin people, or even people of normal weight!

I've lost all my motivation and drive because my arms are so grossly big and flabby . I'm not exaggerating in the least. My left arm (dominant) is 22 inches and my right is 24; they're like these huge, obscene flesh curtains and I want to sob and run and hide whenever I look at them. I feel such a sense of shame. I have a defeatist attitude, I guess. I figure, 'Why bother? My arms aren't going to change any." I don't even want to go outside in the summer because when I where a t-shirt the arm flab is SO visible that people actually stop and do a double take. I figure I'll be wearing long or three quarter sleeves the rest of my life.

Please, please help me. Do you know of anyone with this problem that has found a solution through diet and exercise, because there is no way I can afford plastic surgery. Will doing more weight workouts help? Or am I just cursed with this last vestige of my super morbid obesity forever?

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