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4/16/13 1:05 P


4/16/13 8:26 A

I'm working on toning and weight exercises that will help some but I realize, between my weight yo-yoing most of my life and having lost almost 100 pounds in the last few years, the sagging skin part isn't going anywhere.

It bothered me for a long time but it doesn't anymore. Do I like it? Heck NO!! But, I can't afford the surgery to cut off the excess and I live in Florida so I refuse to wear shirts that are too hot to cover it up. And, most importantly, I'll take the skin over the fat any day!! emoticon

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4/16/13 12:08 A

cant do triceps dips or things like that since broke my upper arm in November 2011 so looking for ways also have to eat much less

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4/15/13 10:44 P

I'm sure this has been discusssed here - but what are some way to get rig of my bat wings !!!!

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7/8/12 8:49 P


STAYIN32DD Posts: 23
7/7/12 10:51 P

WEIGHT TRAINING is the only exercise to reshapes your muscles, I do weight training and PILATES which deals mostly with core and strength. Believe it or not I find the Pilates alot harder but they both complement each other nicely, I believe. emoticon

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7/6/12 8:21 P

its ging to take a long time hope can do it

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7/6/12 12:15 P

What you're doing sounds great. I would keep doing it! I've started to do push ups and work my arms in some way every day and I can feel a difference, small but noticeable.


7/5/12 11:05 P

Are you doing anything special to get your arms to firm up? I'm just beginning but am doing all of the arm focused Nautilus Machines at the Y, using dumbell free weights and do a lot of arm circles and punching when I'm walking on the treadmill. All of the women in my family have big arms. Do you think I'm on the right track with the arm work I'm doing or should I just accept that they'll be larger than average even when I have lost to my goal weight?

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7/4/12 11:30 P


GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
7/3/12 10:03 P

My Grandma had flabby arms, and as a child I could'nt stop playing with them, and would you believe, she let me emoticon

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7/2/12 9:04 P

And I have been using Nivea Skin firming Moisturizer withe the q10. I buy it at target. emoticon

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7/2/12 8:49 P

so to wait & continue with a healthy lifestyle

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7/1/12 12:16 P

My flabby arms are FINALLY looking good. It has taken a year and a half after losing 60 lbs but the skin is even getting tight. yeah!

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7/1/12 11:37 A

true must learn to accept

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6/30/12 3:05 P

Maybe the lesson is in accepting parts of our bodies as imperfect and flawed, but still lovable in its own way.

I think about that every time I look at my belly in the mirror. It's a work in progress.


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6/30/12 9:25 A


MIZKAREN Posts: 54,056
6/30/12 9:07 A

Arms are the hardest part to lose the flab. Strength training helps but doesn't elimenate the flab.

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6/30/12 6:15 A

but it looks horrible

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6/29/12 9:18 P

Think I'm just going to have to live with it. My arms are flabby....think I inherited it from my mom.

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6/29/12 2:11 P

I'm not at my goal weight yet but if weight training doesn't minimize the flab in my arms, I'm just going to live with it. Some of the best people I know have flab--AND great personalities. Love being around them.

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6/28/12 9:19 P

wish I knew what to do operation is NOT possible

FITGAL2010 Posts: 1,655
6/28/12 5:50 P

I love the Shake Weight, and the DVD that comes with it. It 's a 6 min routine.

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6/27/12 6:46 A

looks terrible

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6/26/12 4:46 P

Hard as it might be to accept- we are not perfect! Love yourself as you are and those arms will look great!!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,423
6/26/12 12:25 P

"Wouldn't building up biceps help take up the loose skin? Biceps as well as triceps."

Nope. Unless you are a guy, you cannot bulk up muscles big enough to fill out loose skin.

6/26/12 12:23 P

It's terrible to feel this way. But, my arms were never big and after losing even thirty pounds, I can see loosey skin but part of it is age - now 50. I see my sister who went to the gym for years and years and she has the arm problem too and I thought, WHY, if she has exercised for years. Some of it is just plain age. Exercise will help some, just dumbbells working the arms will help. We live in a vain society.

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6/26/12 11:36 A

wish could do something other than surgery

INSH8P Posts: 1,833
6/25/12 11:37 P

I wish you well in working on your arms.... If you feel happy about your general condition (everything except the arms), then you're probably feeling good about what your arms can do, more than about how you personally feel.
When I do yoga, I am starting to notice that some parts of my legs "look funny", with thighs looking more like fuzzy dimples. This only happens when I bend to touch my toes, or put my hands under the soles of my feet.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
6/25/12 8:45 P

consider cosmetic surgery, as no amount of exercise will remove the excess skin. It isn't as expensive as you might think and can be done in a doctor's office. Cost is about $3900
Here is one clip on some Before/after procedures.

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6/19/12 9:20 P

cant do triceps dips as broke my arm November 9 do wall pushups every other day

6/19/12 6:23 P

emoticon Wouldn't building up biceps help take up the loose skin? Biceps as well as triceps.

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6/17/12 11:22 P

what to do with my bat wings??/ The left one is huger than the right know its due to my being a SLO(B but hurts nonetheless

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
6/15/12 2:18 P

i do yoga and lots of planks and pushups. also i do weights with some of the spark videos.

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (243,366)
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5/26/12 7:31 A

Ive had some success with bands, however, I still slap myself with arm flubber when I wave!!

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5/25/12 10:55 P

OK, so here are the suggestions I see here:
- pushups - tried it, doesn't work?
- weights, (triceps dips, barbell curls) tried them all, doesn't work?
- diet, doesn't work, I've lost lots of lbs., but the arms haven't changed?
- different video programs, some specifically with arm toning, doesn't work?
............................ NOW WHAT ??

Exercise guru, Jillian Michaels says stand with legs apart level to you shoulders, hold weights at thigh level, and pump them up to shoulder height and back behind you approximately six inches .......... again, I tried it, doesn't work - not for me anyway,maybe for others, give it a try.

And to Buffedstuff, I checked out the website, you can't tell me any of the women featured are over 50 years of age! also, I don't think we are looking to look like a muscle man either. No offence intended, just sayin' -- I love the message you give though!

I've pretty much given up and concentrate on other parts, I did read at an article once that said it is natural for older women, even slender ladies, I think this is more true than any of the suggestions as to how to improve it! BUT, if any other ideas are out there, I'm willing to listen and give them a try! emoticon Wanna know what big arms are good for: lots of great big emoticon
LOL .... Greetings from emoticon

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5/25/12 6:09 A

I am doing the strong women stay young weight video. Very good for toning and very simple!

FANCYNANCY66 SparkPoints: (23,383)
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5/24/12 9:09 P

good to know this. since i'm 70 and over two years have gone from 261 to 181, my arms are flabby. I belong to a gym and have started a workout toning plan created by a fitness trainer. I am not getting discouraged that my arms are flabby because I didn't take care of myself, but at least I am now taking care of myself and the hanging stomach and arms will at least be a reminder of the dangers of using food to soothe the emotions.

One of life's lessons to the younger set.
Thanks for the helpful comment.

5/24/12 8:47 P

I have the same problem. I think I am working on my arms, but maybe I need to do something different. Are there any exercises that people can suggest? Push ups are tough on my bad back.

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
5/24/12 8:17 P

if fat is not the problem you might really want a well rounded weight training routine. You might want to incorporate some triceps dips, barbell curls, concentration curls etc.. Good luck on your quest. emoticon

SSMITH-BA SparkPoints: (7,600)
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5/24/12 2:37 P

Yeah I got flabby arms too...they jiggle when i wiggle my arms real fast, makes my kids giggle, but I HATE THEM...I am hoping it's "Fat" so with my diet & exercise they were reduce in size soon!!

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7/25/11 7:38 P

I've always had fat arms . I do exercises but I get sore & give up. Then I wear long sleeves

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,423
7/25/11 5:22 P

If the flab is fat, diet will reduce them.
If the flab is muscle, you can strength train and tighten them up.
If the flab is loose skin, you need surgery.

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7/24/11 7:15 P


JLAY54 Posts: 114
7/24/11 6:36 P

Ok...what do I do about my flabby arms??? I am 57 and want nice arms. What exercise will help or do I just live with them!!!!

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