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2/23/14 1:59 P

I am losing weight rapidly now and the weight I need to lose is a direct result of the years of soda I drank. I could not get up and go without it. I had a hard time breaking my habit and even quit for over 2 yrs and then went back to it. Now I am officially soda free and will never go back because I know how easy it is to start all over. I started by finding something that was full of caffeine and sugar, for me it was sweet tea because I needed to have the same ingredients to help break it. It did not take long to break the need for soda all together. I talked to someone else who takes flavoring or lemon juice and adds it to regular soda water to save on calories but still drink the bubbles like a coke. Drinking just one a day is not enough because if you drink only 1 soda a day for a month, you will gain a pound every month. I was drinking more than a gallon a day everyday. Now I am paying for it.

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2/22/14 9:08 P

Have him look into the fizzy waters and see if he can find one he likes. I am partial to the ocean spray diet cranberry juices. They are 10 cal and come in a can so they are portable and don't look much different than a can of soda if you are trying to blend in.

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2/4/14 5:49 P

tastes good & encourages you to drink more

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2/1/14 6:08 A

every now and as a treat won't hurt

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1/30/14 6:37 P

good advice CLARK971

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1/28/14 9:25 A

Have you tried sparkling waters? Instead cutting out coke completely, could your sons gradually cut down? Try to get down to one a day, then one every other day and keep cutting back. I used to use quite a bit of sugar and cream in my coffee and it helped me to gradually cut back until I was using just milk.

Have you tried adding lemon slices to water? There are recipes for spa water which give you combinations of different things to add to water.

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1/28/14 2:56 A

Coke is what everyone around him is drinking 500 ml bottle

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1/27/14 11:34 A

What kinds of fizzy drinks? Most things in moderation are ok :)

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1/26/14 3:34 P

Hi me and my sons r trying to lose weight together but he struggled to not drink fizzy drinks when every one around him is drinking any tips

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