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I am having a similar problem, although I do not work nights I work a long week (6 days) and my husband works nights. I get going pretty well for a week or so - and then my focus gets interrupted. I don't sleep very well at night (hot flashes) and it's probably why I feel so tired.even when I've been in bed for 9 hours. And when I don't focus, I don't eat as well as I should. It's evenings that are difficult for me - I always eat properly for breakfast and lunch but my resistance gets low in the evenings. I feel discouraged a lot by the weather. I know that getting outside and going for a walk would be great for my motivation - but with cold and snow - it makes it difficult. I have videos I can do inside the house or even go to the gym, but after I am home for a while, I just lose my motivation. I know I will get it back again. I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself - I do know what I need to do. Tomorrow is my birthday - I will be 57 - and I do agree with what has previously said about age. I would never refer to myself as old - I don't consider myself to be. I didn't start running until I was 53 and started racing in 5K when I was 55. I plan to keep going as long as I can. I just feel discouraged about my mindset and I just don't know how to get myself back to feeling more positive. I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and maybe that will help. Thanks for listening.

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I like the post. Good information. I also work the night shift, but I have a sit down job so I do not get anywhere near the steps I should. But I am going to try some of the suggestion given here - like I said good information.

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Hi, Carol ! Coach Nancy is quite right. Even working out for 10 minutes is a step in the right direction. You can break your workouts up into shorter segments and still get all the benefits.

I notice you mentioned that you use 5 pound weights, that's great. Although, do make sure you're not using them while on the stationary bike. I know some people think they're killing two birds with one stone, but you don't want to do that. You put your joints at a higher risk for injury. so, do make sure any strength exercises you do are separate from your workouts on the bike. And do keep up with that bike. We all have to start somewhere. today you did 10 minutes. You may do 10 minutes all week because you're feeling a bit fatigued. Next week, you may have more energy and feel like doing 15 minutes.

Your strength and endurance will increase with time. take things slowly and you will get where you need to go.

Your job certainly keeps you active and you may be getting a lot of activity because your job keeps you moving. So, if you are fatigued, take breaks when you need them. while regular exercise is an important component of our healthy lifestyle, you don't want to work out when you're really fatigued. that too puts you at risk for injury.

Are you getting enough sleep during the day ? With such a high stress job, I hope you're getting plenty of sleep. When you're more rested, your workouts will be more productive. You do what you can to start. If you feel like your motivation starts to wan, then post a message in the forums. The Spark community will help pick up your spirits !

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Even if you just devote 10 minutes to riding your stationary bike after work that will get you started which over time will give you energy, but more importantly help with relieving the stress.

Know too that dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA so you may be compromising your health by taking these OTC pills thinking you are doing yourself well.

I agree with the poster who mentioned about your sleep. We so underestimate the need for sleep in this country, but that is actually when our bodies do all our repair and recovery.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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2/10/12 7:55 A

Wow, it sounds like work gives you a work out, and though I know we aren't supposed to count that, in your case, I wonder if you are getting enough rest?

What if you got a bit more rest and 'down' time and stopped worrying about daily stationary bike time and so forth? Don't give up exercise--I'm not saying that--but try to work in something you enjoy, gradually. Maybe a walk in a nice park every other day, then once that is established, do it 5 days per week. Anything that you find 1) relaxing, and 2) rejuvenating.

You sound stressed and exhausted, and that's not good for anyone. Getting more rest and finding a way to make your exercise pleasurable might get you back on track

Just a thought. Good luck! emoticon

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Thank you both for your advice. I already have a stationary bike and was doing good with getting on it at least 15-20 minutes a night, plus doing my 5-lb weights. But within the last 2 weeks I feel more tired than usual. I have pedometer that I use to track my steps at work on the floor. I run usually anywhere from 25,000-45,000 steps a night just doing my job-running around chasing after naked confused patients running down the hall, plus the regular stuff-blood drawing, doing EKGs-and everyone seems to have to go to the bathroom at the same time, etc...
Our floor is a high volume busy Cardiac floor which accounts for the trying to "kill" me through all the extra work they found for us to do while we are running around anyway-Ah, I miss the laid back feel of the florida hospitals!
I need to get Motivated to get back on that cycle, etc...
I am thinking of getting Acai-one can get it in capsule form-not any of the diet stuff-just the Acai berry. The doctors rave about it. It will help me with my depleted energy problem

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Night shift is rough. You need to work some kind of exercise into your schedule. Get a no impact machine like an elliptical,stationary bike or cardiglide. I know my eating was erratic on the night shift the most impotant thing is to get your eating on a regular schedule.
The hardest part is getting started!Start by just tracking your food,worry about adjusting your diet after getting in the habit of tracking. You can do it!

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2/10/12 6:47 A


Working night shifts is not easy, I would suggest to start changing your attitude towards yourself, yes you are not 18 any more, but at 59 you should feel young at heart and soul.

I believe that the way you feel is the way you live and what you become, so , start feeling young, Control food portions, quality and calories, perhaps in your work you walk around so, take it easy on exercise, as you control what you eat, and get rid of weight your physical injuries will improve, you will have more energy, and eventually feel more motivated.

Try to see, if you could include short 5 or 10 minutes mini exercises, while at work, during breaks, that will add up. when I cannot workout I motivate myself with a pedometer, perhaps you should try it too. step by step, it will add up and you will loose weight.

About Sensa, I would ask a doctor, it could be pretty dangerous to try something that could interact with your health omeostasis.

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I get going good for a while and then it "fizzles" out. I work the night shift at the hospital here and they run me ragged at work (I work on a Telemetry floor)(Cardiac). I am always so tired when I get off work in the mornings. My husband works at the same hospital and he gets the same way.

On my off nights I am still so tired from work that it is hard to get energetic. So, when I get the motivated times it doesn't last long due to how I feel after work. I am not young, I am 59 years old and dealing with both of my feet-the tops of them have hair line fractures from falls on the ice and I am trying to get my neck back into shape-a dislocated disc gives me a big problem lately. I just started using my neck traction stretching that the rehab gave me to use.

I saw a commercial for Sensa-does anyone know if that would help in combination with portion control and exercise ?

I thought I was coming along Ok until recently with the fizzle-out. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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