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3/23/13 2:33 P

Try the cotton/spandex combo shirts. I love them for a nice tailored look. I have a broad back and chest from weight training and a very small waist. These shirts are naturally tailored at the waist and give where they need to and look very professional. They also never wrinkle.

You can find them at most large department stores.

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3/22/13 12:31 P

sometimes a tailor can add some darts to the front or back (or both) to give you a better silhouette. That's an easy and usually inexpensive tailoring job. It's also easy for a tailor to take a shirt in at the side seams. You definitely need to fit the biggest part of you, then have the item taken in.

some easy solutions -
you're kind of tall, so if you found a shirt that is fine except that the sleeves are too short, consider wearing it with the sleeves rolled up
I had a problem with button up sweaters gaping at the bust. Sometimes just wearing a minimizer bra made the top work (and the bras I found were great). I also wear some of my gaping sweaters with a tank top or cami underneath and leave the top few buttons undone.

as far as your hips looking bigger, maybe the length of the shirt needs to be brought up? If you wear a shirt that covers your butt, it will usually make your backside look bigger. If you wear a shirt that hits about where your hip bones are it's usually more flattering.

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3/22/13 11:00 A

On the tailoring issue - back in 2000, after losing a few sizes, I DID have a few items of clothing tailored - the seamstress took them down two full sizes, and it was actually a lot less money than going out and buying a new dress! So it definitely is worth making the enquiry.

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3/22/13 10:58 A

Yes KJ, that's a "fitted shirt" i.e. "blouse that buttons up."

I tend to have the same problem (regardless of my weight, i have that "inverted triangle" shape of larger-bust/narrower-hip). So if i get a shirt that fits appropriately at waist/hip, it strains and gapes at the buttons across the chest; if it fits at the chest, it hangs. Sigh! Even when i was at my most slender adult weight, wearing a size 8 slacks, i had to get Louben's XL for the white cotton shirt *grumble*

I find that wearing a jacket/blazer helps. Since you don't have to worry about buttoning it up, you can get a smaller size that is the closer to the correct width across the hips - it will give you a more tailored line. The other option is to forego the button-up blouses, and pick nice tops in a different style altogether... like the "crossover" style top (i.e.

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3/22/13 10:53 A

"Short of getting them tailored to fit me"

Why short of getting them tailored? Look into seamstresses in your area. Often they cost a LOT less than you probably think-- although it might actually be easier/cheaper to have blouses custom made than to tailor something off the rack. To tailor a blouse, they usually have to remove the sleeves and re-set them, and move the buttons and buttonholes, and those are the two hardest parts of making a shirt.

3/22/13 10:19 A

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3/21/13 3:48 P

Are polo style shirts out of the question? I know they're not exactly dressy, but the material tends to be a little stretchier. OR, when you tuck in the shirt, just pull it out a little bit so your narrower hips are a bit more defined, but it shows that you do have broad shoulders?
At least my response may bump this to where someone with a more keen fashion sense can offer a suggestion.

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3/21/13 11:39 A

I like button down shirts a lot for work because I work in a business casual office and they're easy to wear and accessorize. However, I have issues finding ones that fit properly because my shoulders are 40" (ish), chest: 36", waist 26" and I'm 5'8". Basically this forces me to buy shirts that fit my shoulders but hang off of me below the bust. Putting a skinny belt around my waist and/or leaving the shirt untucked tends to make my hips look bigger...not the desired result :P.

Short of getting them tailored to fit me, does anyone have a good non-permanent solution to narrow the trunk of shirts?

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