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10/15/12 8:50 P

That is wonderful! Relish the moment and emoticon

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
10/15/12 3:05 P

That is awesome! Congratulations!

WDWCHICK Posts: 899
10/14/12 7:31 P

Good for you. Buying new clothes, or fitting into old ones, was such a motivator for me. Well, not so much fitting into old ones. I had weight on for so long, they went out of style. :)

When I lost weight, there were many mini goals I didn't make, But I stayed with it and eventually I lost. I know how frustrating it is, but you did a great thing by getting to stepping.

Keep up the good work!

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (64,357)
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10/14/12 1:37 P

BINKLEY261, 25 lbs is a GREAT achievement! Wow. I am totally impressed. You are so right. Sparkpeople is simply the most wonderful place on earth to help us get to where we want to go. You went shopping in your own closet and found clothes that fit like a glove. Pretty soon those clothes will be way too big. Mark my words. You will see. The New You will reveal itself over time. Eyes will pop and heads will turn. Guaranteed.

Spark On!

10/13/12 10:06 P

Good for you. Also try measuring yourself so you can track your progress. Good work!

BINKLEY261 Posts: 9
10/13/12 9:54 P

I have been tracking my meals, this round, since July 31. I have lost 25 lbs. Yeah me! But.....when I looked in the mirror, to me I haven't lost an oz. I look the same. No difference in my appearance. I wanted to lose 30 lbs by Oct. 20. I'm not going to make it and that bumbs me out, big time. When I realized that I would fail at reaching my goal, I wanted to sit down and just have a good cry. Oh, I cried, but I didn't sit down. I did another 10 minutes of stepping and got 600 more steps in for the day. I was disheartened indeed, but I was angry too for not starting this quest just three weeks sooner.

I have been continuing doing my food tracking, water drinking, stepping, and trying a little exercise here and there. (I'm disabled but doing a little more exercise every day). Then it happened. WHOO HOO....this morning I was trying on some clothes that I haven't been able to fit into in, literally, 4 years; things I love and just wouldn't throw or give away, hoping that some day I would fit in them again. Well....WHOO HOO!!!!! I tried on jeans 3 sizes smaller than I was wearing and WHALLA!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! They fit like a glove and zipped no problem. I was ecstatic! To myself, I didn't look like I lost anything. To my clothes I lost a WHOLE BUNCH! keep up the good work. I joined spark coach and love it. I step with every video I watch. I even march sometimes. I love sparkpeople and all you do to help people get healthy. Fitting in those jeans was a goal I hardly hoped to reach. With the help of sparkpeople I can do anything. My next goal....25 lbs from now. Thank you again. binkley 261

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