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CINCIMOMOF3 SparkPoints: (3,558)
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5/21/12 1:44 P

One of my goals for my family this year is to become more active as a family. My husband is a runner, but I am just starting a fitness program. I have 3 kids, ages 9, 4 and 21 months. We have done two things so far that we hope to make more routine than is to go on more walks along trails. We have lots of parks in our area that have "nature' trails. The two older kids walk with us and my husband puts the youngest in a hiking backpack, letting him out every once in a while to run around. The other thing is family bike rides. Right now the 2 youngest ride in a bike trailer we bought, but they will join us on their bikes as they get older.

SHAREBEAR1963 Posts: 1,778
5/21/12 1:34 P

3.1 miles=5 kilometers

PRAYERMOMOF5 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/12 1:19 P

what is 5k? i guess its a distance to run?

5/21/12 1:11 P

Now that spring is here, we are OUTSIDE!

We ride our bikes everywhere, walk the beach almost daily, work in our garden, participate in local charity walks/runs, etc.

So much to do out there! emoticon

CILER11 Posts: 265
5/21/12 12:57 P

We hike, bike, swim, play soccer, softball, and I would like for us to play kickball at our annual Memorial Day Cookout. My daughter, 7, is desperate to do a 5K. I just need to get as fast as her. This weekend we took her and the nieces and nephew on a 2.5 mile hike, and they didn't complain once. I was so proud. :)

KYLE10NER SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/12 10:55 A

My wife and I are doing the couch to 5k program. It is alot of fun and gradually puts you into a running program. We have 25 miles of paved trails where we live and it is perfect. You can download the programn on your smart phone and it tells you when to run, when you walk and how far you have gone. It also tells you when you are half way done so we turn around and start going back to our cars! It is a blast. She is not one to run but she is enjoying it. We also take our puppy with us!

5/21/12 8:13 A

mine are all high school athletes so they get in plenty of exercise. they will run 5k's with me and my girls go to yoga when their scheds allow. we also spend alot of time in our pool, at the beach, and at the river

KAMILLAVIRAG1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/12 5:47 A

In general the kids and I are fairly active. In good weather we are at the playground, in bad weather indoors playground. I walk a lot in general, have itchy feet, I hurry everywhere. Except I don't count any of these activities as "fitness" or "excercise", that's just how it should be in general. ETA: our problem with food is portion control merged with quality problems :(

I do however want us to do "fitness" together, but they are still little so only now and than I can get them do gymnastic exercises (primarily aimed to enlarge their nerve network) or other co-ordinated physical activites. I'm trying to collect songs and games that playfully make the kids move their muscles. (suggestions are welcome, just message me)

At the moment I enjoy my solitary fitness regime, the only time when I can totally concentrate on myself, giving me a 'me' time. That's why I only count these sessions in the fitness counter.

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RUSSTHESKIGUY SparkPoints: (3,762)
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5/21/12 12:25 A

We like to jump on our trampoline with our kids (ages 4,8,10) and also they really like to play tag which results in a lot of running around. Also swimming since we live in San Antonio and have a long summer season.

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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5/20/12 10:02 P

My DP and I take walks/hikes at the beach. We both love the ocean and the trail goes along an area where the sand cunes are protected and starting to fill in. the wind is fierce but this spring we area seeing more floering plants than ever. Really goreos colors of rich paintbruch (a depp rich ornag ered) lots of varying sizes of yellow flowers, pink and white iceplant, and all shades of lavender. There are lizards chasing around and we get quite a workout in between walking from the car parking area (we leave it at another facility and wlak over down a trail) then hike up and down the dunes, along the beach taking in the surf sounds, then back up a really long hill. In that soft sand, it is working out my behind, the calves & thighs, too.

During the week he plays golf 4 or 5 days and walks instead of using a cart. I go to physcial therapy twice a week where I cycle and use the elliptical trainer about 30 mintus total plus let exercises/ Alternate days I walk at the track 1 1-2 to 2 miles, and started hula hooping up to 15 min a day. Enjoy hooping to music with other family members. The neighbors next to our backyard probably thinks we're nuts but that's fine - it's a blast!

5/20/12 9:42 P

Walking and swimming

DREETRECCANI SparkPoints: (0)
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5/20/12 4:50 P

We do a lot of hikes and nature walks. We live close to an old rural railroad track which is currently not in use so we sometimes incorporate that into our workout. We "march" on the wooden railroad ties and make sure we step on each one, keeping our knees up and pumping our arms. It's actually a pretty good workout, since the height and spacing of the wood varies a bit each step.

JXOCASIO Posts: 353
5/20/12 3:36 P

My husband and I went walking at the park.

5/20/12 3:18 P

Things I have enjoyed doing with my daughter:

1. Swimming--summer is coming and can't wait for the warm weather and free time to enjoy the pool.

2. Hiking. Nature and fitness and time with my daughter. What could be better?

3. Soccer. I love playing soccer with my daughter and hubby.

4. At home workouts. We break out the yoga mat, the stability ball, jump rope, resistance bands, workout DVDs and have a blast.

5. Circuit training. Change stations now. On a piece of paper we mix up different activities.

6. Walks/runs around the neighborhood.

7. Bike riding. My daughter rides while I jog next to her.

8. Ice skating.

9. Dance!

10. Pilates/yoga

TARAH85 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/20/12 3:10 P

We've made it a goal to go on one long (over a mile or more) once a week. Yesterday we went to a market and walked the length of it and back again (about 1.5 miles). Last week we walked along Cardinal Greenways (about 3 miles). Every time we want to walk a different place to keep it interesting.

BIGDAKOTA SparkPoints: (6,894)
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5/20/12 1:27 P

We either go for walks or part of the family goes bike riding as our family has 3 little ones who arent the best on a bike yet.

BIRDWTCHER SparkPoints: (4,631)
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5/20/12 1:21 P

hiking or bike riding

JOYFULME01 Posts: 621
5/20/12 1:05 P

Yesterday we completed the walk for the cure and we golf together once per week. My kids are grown and out of the house so we get together weekly.

PMRUNNER SparkPoints: (127,856)
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Posts: 1,024
5/20/12 12:50 P

In the summer we do a lot of walking and biking with the kids. In the winter, we go skiing as a family almost every weekend that we can get away. Then year round, we do a lot at the YMCA, especially swimming.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (199,289)
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Posts: 2,243
5/20/12 12:05 P

I don't! I exercise every morning FOR ME....first thing I get up, get ready & hit the treadmill in the basement...then finish off with some biking time on my exercise bike. Cool down with pilates/yoga stretches & ab crunches...and boom--I'm done.

I enjoy playing outside with the kids, or going for walks, etc...but I don't wait to make it a family affair. I exercise every morning 7 days a week so I feel better--physically & mentally! It's the best example I could ever set for my kids.

Now when they see fat people on tv they say "Mom, s/he should get on a treadmill every day like you do!" So true......... :)

GETULLY SparkPoints: (145,952)
Fitness Minutes: (36,177)
Posts: 7,816
5/20/12 9:57 A

It is a hard thing to do together. My husband likes to walk only after dark--about the time I am thinking of going to bed. Weekends we can usually find a congenial time for both of us to walk. We try to find new places so no one gets bored.

TKDEAL76 Posts: 78
5/20/12 9:57 A

Kickball is a favorite, we also create obstacle courses around the house or park and have some fun with those. We have dance offs as well. The family is 8 members hubby, myself and 6 kids from 15 down to 18 mths, they all participate and we laugh a lot.

5/20/12 7:04 A

My daughters and I have a Wii Just Dance (they have to dance- no just flipping the remote) night then strength exercises and stretching afterwards. Lots of fun and... their Mom can finally beat them on a few songs. :) :)

AMANDA_C Posts: 94
5/20/12 6:49 A

Walking! My oldest likes to walk with us while the littlest rides in the stroller or wagon most of the time. If it's a really long walk the oldest eventually climbs in to ride for a while too. They LOVE to see the sights & I love to spend time with them while exercising!

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/20/12 5:19 A

Swimming, walks, bike

But the problem ist: 8 year old, a very very fit hubby and me do not match easy.

one of the phantastic things we made: when we lived in Hamburg, Germany, we had a folding canoe - (without child) and that was great. If I was tired, my hubby did all the work. He could work out and all of us had been happy :)

OCEANGIRL36 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5
5/20/12 12:33 A

I don't have children yet, so my family consists of myself and my husband (and our dog and cat emoticon ). We take alot of walks together, hiking, swimming, sometimes biking, anything outdoors. I am sure that when we have kids, we will include them in the same activities, plus more (dance, hooping, team sports, etc.). My husband loves gold mining too, so I know they will get involved in that as well

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (214,032)
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Posts: 9,450
5/19/12 11:37 P

We hike and play frisbee with our daughter and her family

5/19/12 8:07 P

We all started Tae Kwon Do as a family. It was nice because the adults could work out in one room and the kids could work out in another. Now I'm the only one left that goes but it was a really great family activity!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (251,734)
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5/19/12 6:05 P

biking or going to the Y together is about it for us.

DH is very flat-footed and very overweight, so walking any distance isn't an option. Sometimes he'll bike on the beach while I run.

QUEEN_CEE Posts: 3,495
5/19/12 4:44 P

Bowling and Walking. This is just about all my DH is interested in doing.

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LICAGITA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2
5/19/12 3:33 P

we just joined the YMCA - so we go swimming and play racquetball there.

Walk, Bike, Kickball in the back yard, Swimming, Golf, Bowling, in the winter we play ice hockey!

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GHALEY11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,433)
Posts: 70
5/19/12 12:55 P

We all play racketball and go to the gym together.

LORILEEPAGE SparkPoints: (74,925)
Fitness Minutes: (68,817)
Posts: 1,942
5/19/12 12:38 P

Walking, or hiking are the only things I do to work out with my hubby. sometimes I walk with grandchildren or my adult kids. In the past I have canoed with my hubby and would like to do it again.

5/19/12 12:20 P

I walk with my sister and her family, jog/go to the gym with my bf (he's family, now, lol), walk with my dad, walk/jog with my brother...
We've gotten much more active lately!

MEMORIES7 SparkPoints: (197,416)
Fitness Minutes: (214,640)
Posts: 19,588
5/19/12 10:13 A

walk, bike and swim

KAYFORR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,606)
Posts: 23
5/19/12 7:28 A

riding our bicycles or walking together is always fun. Lately, we have incorporated golfing and bowling.

CROWLEY123 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,278)
Posts: 1,518
5/18/12 10:04 P

We love to hike together.

5/18/12 7:29 P

walking the beach, bike riding or playing football w/ my boys. They also like to join me on their bikes when I run.

ALMEEKER Posts: 32
5/18/12 2:56 P

My girls are NUTS for swimming, so it's off to the pool for us. We also enjoy skating, bowling, walking, biking, and they enjoy skiing (me not so much). It's very hard to find family friendly venues for exercise. It seems like all the best types of exercise are segregated by age.

DFREITAG4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,161)
Posts: 152
5/18/12 2:05 P

We like to go hiking. Last week my 21 yo daughter and I did an 8 mile hike through Starved Rock Park, climed some stairs and canyons. We were super tired afterwards but felt fantastic! When I want to work out with the family we usually find a new walking path or hiking place.

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SHORTCHIK76 Posts: 10
5/18/12 12:06 P

We have a seasons pass to the zoo, sometimes we just go to walk around and see a show. It tuckers them out!! Kailyn and Austin are 16 months and Jenna is 4. We make them walk. Mean right? bwwaaahahahahahah

DSTENORE Posts: 87
5/18/12 10:26 A

My husband and I like to walk together, hike in the local mountain or along the sidewalk at the beach is always a pleasant experience.

5/18/12 9:55 A

My son is young so we mostly play in the backyard. We play tag, limbo with a skipping rope and pretend to be trains with the skipping rope. Sometimes we actually attempt to skip but that's not really working yet. We also just plain run around the block playing chase. It isn't much of a workout for me with my son being just 3 but it is fun and outdoors and hopefully adds up.

With bigger kids I might play a more structured game like red rover or hop scotch. I love biking and we do that too but its hard to fit that in by the time you're done dinner and still have enough time for bath and reading etc on a week night.

DIAMONDP21 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,807)
Posts: 52
5/18/12 9:45 A

we tend to cook outdoors more when the weather is warmer, so it's a perfect atmosphere for the men and boys to play their sport of choice the women and girls always take advantage of the mini trampoline, punching bag, etc... so it's been a way for me to get them out and active....

SARAIAB Posts: 61
5/18/12 8:33 A

Nice ...

I think we are going to spendm more time at state parks this year. I want to try the junior ranger program that they have.

Camping was enjoyed by the entire family last year. We wanted to save money on vacation so we did a lot of camping, and the thing is - we all seemed to enjoy it more than any other vacations that we've taken, and it gives us the chance to be active and outdoors.... can't wait til summer is here.

NOLLIE_KIKFLIP SparkPoints: (22,191)
Fitness Minutes: (34,115)
Posts: 38
5/17/12 10:27 P

We go swimming at the lake, hiking, climbing... State Parks are our playgrounds.

MHEDIN2 Posts: 277
5/17/12 10:22 P

I have to vote for biking too. I just had the LO out last week on a 10 mile ride! It goes a lot slower with a 6 yo but it is so worth it to have the interaction and to know that we're setting a good example.

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AMPROSKE1 SparkPoints: (65,348)
Fitness Minutes: (58,650)
Posts: 946
5/17/12 8:48 P

We go for walks in and around our neighborhood. We talk during our walks, helping us to stay close to one another since otherwise we don't have that much time with each other as a family. I love it!

KAYO5CHIX Posts: 94
5/17/12 2:58 P

The best outdoor activity for my family has got to be bicycling. We are fortunate to live in an area with multiple bicycle trails. Once the warm weather hits and everyone is geared up, we take to the trails. We can easily complete 6 miles on each ride. The girls enjoy it because we're not only interacting with one another but also nature and other people on the trail.

Our favorite indoor activity is Kinect competition. It's the parents v. the kids! We have a pretty good time dancing, bowling and competing in different sports. Not only do we get a workout from the actual movement from the game but also from laughing so hard at one another.

Our other activities include: tennis, swimming, cross country running, volleyball, soccer and track and field. It gets a bit hectic at times but it's all worth it in the end.

SARAIAB Posts: 61
5/17/12 1:00 P

What do to encourage and enjoy fitness with your family?

I love that my boys are old enough now that we can do some fitness activities together. They are 5 and 6. Here are some of the things we've done...

1.) We walk a local nature trail. The boys hiked almost 2 miles about 6 weeks ago. I couldn't believe it, they loved it, they were sure tired, but they kept wanting to keep going. We kept notes about nature things and saw some interesting things that they still remember and keep pointing out when they see them again.

2.) Biking while mom rollerblades down a smooth bike path we have near my house. My littlest guy still has training wheels so the older one and I would have to keep going and coming back to keep busy while he was catching up, but I got a good workout and we all had a good time.

3.) Just biking together

4.) Them biking while I go for jogs/walks, they usually have to pace me, or wait while I catch up, but they love it

5.) Swimming at our YMCA. The kids are old enough to stay in the smaller warm pool while hubs and I do laps in the big pool.

6.) Baseball/Softball practice with the boys and my stepdaughter. It's good practice, and its fun, and it's active.

This is just such a new thing for us, each year previous I always had one child who moaned and groaned, or one struggle after another and could never seem to really get a work out with kids and this summer has been a break through. I love that we're teaching them these things too and incorporating them into our daily routine. What else do you do with your kids?

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