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8/5/12 9:59 P

Thanks to all for your help. I think the 2 entry method will be the best, one for walking time and one for jogging. The problem is runtastic doesnt differentiate between the 2, it just gives me distance, time, pace and calories burned which as I mentioned in my first post seems high.


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8/5/12 7:12 P

I agree with the suggestion of tracking it as 2 entries.

Personally, I use the calculator at
- just enter any two of speed, distance and time (for each of running and walking), and it will calculate the rest.

Presumably from your earlier walking, you have a pretty good idea about your typical walking pace, and you know that you walked for about 50% of the time. Using the link above will automatically calculate the distance for you. You then know that you ran the rest of the way in 50% of the time, and you can use this info to calculate the distance and calories burned running. You canthen enter both of these manually into Spark.

A little bit clunky, but it does take care of all the math for you, and I always like seeing my running speed.


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8/5/12 3:18 P

Spark's not really so good at entering walk/run combos.

Best bet is to use the mapping feature to enter it. It mght assume a walk for the entire thing if the running isn't on average enough to blip into a run speed, but it'll be pretty close. Walking and running are different, but not very hugely.

Best accuracy come from buying and wearing a heart rate monitor and entering the calories that gives you. Failing that, just entering time and distance and letting Spark calculate burn will be adequate.

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8/5/12 2:38 P

You can enter something as a favorite, but you'd need to know your speed for it to calculate your calories burned. I'd put it in as 2 entries- one for the amount of time you're walking, and one for the amount of time you're running. If you know both of your speeds for those activities, then the tracker will be able to calculate your calories burned from there.

Does that help?

Coach Jen

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8/5/12 1:14 P

My cardio work is becoming more jog and less walk (about half and half) but I dont know how to enter it in the fitness tracker. When I was using the treadmill it would compute calories burned for me but now I use runtastic which is accurate for time/distance but calories burned seems high. Is there a way to enter my run/walk in the tracker as a favorite and just enter the distance and time each session? Thanks!

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