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8/27/11 9:34 P

Heavy cleaning, moving boxes, and shovelling snow are in the tracker, along with many other 'lifestyle' activities.

Be cautious about tracking those. Like an active job, if it's something you do regularly it really isn't going to help you lose weight very much. If you didn't do any housework when larger and now you vacuum daily then maybe ... but if you've always done it, it's not something that's "additional" that's going to help you lose weight.

To find these types of activities click on Add Cardio then on Browse and select Home Activities.

8/26/11 11:23 A

I really like that idea of the intensity being calculated in the tracking somewhere.

on a scale of 1-10 or something. That has been one of the keys for me when I learned I could walk for a full 20 minutes when I first tried adhering to Body for Life, which had excellent fitness incorporated, without taking hours and hours everyday.

I also do not see things like housework or moving heavy objects, real life work which is sort of passion of mine. Digging holes, shoveling snow, splitting wood... I have written quite a lot lately about twice and three times warm wood. I like my exercise to produce a real life benefit, work effort not only for my own personal fitness.

anyhows, I fudge, like most people do here... for me the exercise trackers are the least friendly area of SP. Hardest to use, not user friendly.

Just my opinion, that and one thin dime won't even buy you a cup of coffee these days~


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8/26/11 11:08 A

I'd recommend setting your calories burned goal to reflect the average amount you're burning each week. Then it won't matter how long the workouts are each day. As long as your weekly burn average is correct, you'll be on the right track.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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8/26/11 11:04 A

I think this is the right place for something like this...

Are there any plans to make the fitness planner more flexible?
I don't do the same length work out everyday, in fact I plan it that way. For example, this week is 30 minutes of aerobics on Monday, Tues high intensity circuit, Wed 5k run, Thur off, Friday high intensity circuit, Sat 5k run, Sun 30 min Kickboxing. Every week I have to kinda figure out an average time length for my workouts and enter that for my daily amount, which means my calorie counting is never very accurate. I am thinking I can't be alone in this fudging every week to kinda make it work?

If I could just enter different length workouts for everyday that would really help, you could still do sort "or just tell us how many minutes daily".
If I could put in an intensity level, that would be awesome!

Thanks for being such a great site overall!

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