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8/19/12 1:07 P

That' true MPLANE37. I'm not likely to skip working out since I do it in the mornings. I know that when I get finished at school that it may be more difficult to get to a gym (but I'm not giving up on working out - doing cardio and strength training). The reason that my workout time is shorter on Tuesday's and Thursday's are shorter is because I have class at 9:30 am and want to get cleaned up afterwards.

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8/19/12 1:01 P

I do strength training 3x per week for ~ 45 min. to an hr. The cardio is in addition to the strength training. I didn't include the strength training in my question because it's difficult to determine calories burned doing strength training. I know the calories burned during cardio isn't exact but it is an estimate.

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8/19/12 2:23 A

Not an expert, but you cannot look at the day to day differences. You need to look calories burned and calories eaten over a week or a month.

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8/19/12 1:11 A

There's no issue with doing that amount of cardio, but there is no mention of strength training in your program. A program that includes BOTH strength training and cardio is more effective than a program that relies on just one or the other.

Cutting some of your cardio and adding some strength training in its place may lead to a more effective overall program.


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8/19/12 1:03 A

Sadly, Spark isn't set up to let you say "30 minutes this day and 45 minutes that day". You can't do that, only average it.

However, time is largely irrelevant. You should stop letting the site use time as an estimate of your calorie burn.

Instead, on the same page, you can manually specify weekly total calories burned. This is MUCH more accurate!

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8/18/12 8:29 P

SP takes into account your weekly calories burned goal in determining your daily caloric range. It does not matter how long you work out in any given day, but your weekly calories burned should be close to that goal. It is only recommended that you distribute the exercise uniformly over the week so that it becomes a habit and is more likely to be performed than to be skipped.

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8/18/12 6:37 P

You can update your fitness goals by clicking on the "fitness settings" button in your fitness tracker. You can then tweak your program as you like. :)

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8/18/12 6:29 P

My schedule is about to change next week. I will be doing about an hr of cardio 3 days/week and 45 min of cardio 2 days/week.

Is there a way to have this change show up on the fitness tracker?

I'm asking because the time spent doing cardio seems to influence the number of calories to consume per day.

As a side note, the amount of cardio I do a day is up to me. It may seem like a lot to people but it's not. I do alternate between high impact and low impact. My dr. has no problems with me doing that amount of cardio a day. It's my diet that needs help but that is not what my question.

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