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8/22/13 7:05 P

I can't explain the tracker other than to say the longer time likely explains the difference for something like strength training. It is for this precise reason, and to make sure I get in good cardio for my heart, that I wear a heart rate monitor. But strength training for me doesn't really register a high IMMEDIATE calorie burn (though obviously it's good for so many reasons)- for example a 35 minute personal training session for me burns about 120-130 calories, and there is little rest time between machines.

And though I totally get the impulse to worry about the difference in calories (I may or may not have a spreadsheet to track my daily deficits and how much I 'should' have lost v. what the scale shows...), you really shouldn't worry about it too much.

Stick with your healthy eating and actions and you'll see and feel your progress!

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8/22/13 5:59 P

If I put in I did 8 crunches in 5 minutes it says I burned 14 calories. But if I worked harder and did 8 crunches in 1 minute I only burn 3 calories!? That doesn't make any sense.

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