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N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/3/12 8:40 A

How can Spark be more, "approachable to seniors?" Do you have suggestions? It seems to me that the SP website is approachable. Do they need photographs with older citizens doing the activities? Do they need videos with seniors modeling the exercises? Or videos with options how to do the exercises with limited mobility or flexibility? Are the older people intimidated by the examples of exercises performed by those who look to be 20- 30 years old?

I am 55 years old and have been jogging, swimming, and biking for 40 years. Though on the edge of being an official "senior," I am close enough to it that I look for articles and posts by those older than me.

I am in full agreement that all people of all ages ( 1-101) need to keep moving. I can hardly think of a greater mistake than to retire and sit in a chair. Well, almost worse than that is to work for 40 years and never keep on exercising as many did in high school and college.
At age 50, I was stronger and more flexible than I was at age 30!

Great to read about other older citizens who are out there moving, and trying to encourage others! One of my goals from my youth is to lead the exercise classes at the senior center when I am about 70 years old...

I still have 15 years to get ACE fitness certified!

best wishes to you and your friends, n16351d

NORASPAT Posts: 53,292
11/2/12 5:09 P

Thanks so much, I am not looking out for myself i love excercise and always have. My mother was a runner when women did not do such things in public.

I love to move, I have a hard time staying still.
I was hoping that Spark would be able to be more approachable to seniors, I guess it will not fly. I love Spark I loved calorie king too.I joined Spark just before you. I thought I had to reset everything weekly so my beginning was January 2010.
Thanks for your Link I will be using it. for sure.I love to use Res Bands I did not realise there was a team for them. Cool! Pat in Maine.

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11/2/12 3:33 P

Hi, Pat !

If you're looking for more information on exercise for seniors, you might want to take a look at this website from Tufts University. They did a landmark studies several years ago that showed that seniors can still increase their lean muscle with strength training.

It's a terrific website/program with a lot of good information you and your friends may find helpful.

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NORASPAT Posts: 53,292
11/2/12 2:08 P

Thanks JEN. I can still say I do not need them yet.
Thank you that is my frustration.
I knew these were there but I found out about them only when i said there were none to be found for seniors
Once i was told they were there.I have told others about them.
I am doing great with spark, amazingly well in fact . People think that I was just lucky to be so healthy but I have had health conditions and this site has been so helpful to me I realised I was very lucky to find the book and then the site.
I have told people about the site I just wish somehow we can encompass this section more openly. They will never go looking for it. I never did I am like most seniors, I mess up too often to search in depth for things.
It might even generate more ads related to seniors like the way all the ads are here for diabetes.

Sorry to bend your ear I have tried and I will get off my soap box.
Thank you for listening to me it's such a dilemma for me.
HEALTH IS WEALTH to me. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
11/2/12 1:47 P

Hi Pat

We have the Senior Health Lifestyle Center that contains lots of good info related to seniors and exercise. Here's a link:

We also have the Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center that offers seated workout videos if that's something you might be interested in trying.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

NORASPAT Posts: 53,292
11/2/12 1:46 P

I too love to exercise but many of my friends and others in my walking group have any clue that they can still do this.
Always seeing only younger people doing exercises and often the instructors are really going way too fast puts them off.
I know they need an attituded change but it seems few exercise programs other than silver sneakers addresses getting seniors to get really serious about exercise.

You can do it, I can do it but how many of them are convinced they cannot do it.

Somehow they must be encouraged to do it and there are others on this site that are doing it but wanting exercise Videos and Demos to help them realise there are modifications to their capacity and they should be encouraged to do it.

I am glad you can do it I am 69 years young and I can do it. If I should stop I know I would miss it and then ARTHRITIS will win.
Thanks for reading about it , we must help prevent them to become frail. We can exercise as long as we can but we do need some guidance to do it.
Maybe no others care about this but i sure do. I try to encourage them to do some exercise especailly in their homes since many seem to not want to go a Gym.
Pat in Maine.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,792
11/2/12 12:41 P

Not sure what you are specifically wanting...

Practically any exercise can be adapted to any fitness level. AGE really does not matter... your level of fitness does.

I saw a lady in her late 70s on TV this week.. she is a body builder. She does things many people in their 40s cannot do!

I am riddled with arthritis and pushing 60, yet I am more flexible than may thirty-somethings.

Adjust what you would like to do to YOUR fitness level... and have fun!

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NORASPAT Posts: 53,292
11/2/12 10:11 A

I read the article about the heart, "THE HEART SMART PLAN" and what exercises would help the heart to be strong. I looked at the plan and it appears that amount of intensity should be done by fit people,I wondered about seniors that is absolutly great.
HOWEVER, when i looked at the message boards I notice there are other sites offering senior fitness DVD's and articles.

This was my response to that article.
This sounds great for those who are truly fit. I wish there was an articleto read or a DVD for seniors to do.
Many of us work out and are healthy so no need to consult a physician' few of them know. Referrals to PT are not possible either.Tthose work outs with arthritis for many simply cannot be done.
I am 69 years young with Arthrirtic hands. I love to do Resistnace bands but I have to pace myself. It is a risky business suggesting exercise for seniors I realise . I am hoping since the aging population of sparkers is growing can Spark not find a way to help us out here.
Please. I know it is a tall order but I had to put it forward for my-self and my peers.
Pat inMaine.

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