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10/31/13 7:37 P

You can do this! Feel free to add my on FB for support there as well. I have a lot of friends on FB that are from Spark. We help hold eachother accountable on there as well (which helps bc I'm on FB a lot). You can find my weight loss journey on FB. It provides a lot of support, motivation, diet and exercise tips etc!

Good luck!

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9/10/13 2:57 A

Hey everyone,

I'm a 24 year old (25 on October 3rd) single guy and I work a few days a week only as a bartender, I'm not full time unfortunately. So, I'm not a very busy person at the moment. I would love to spend a lot of my free time exercising, eating healthy, and such now.

I really need to drop 205 pounds and get to 150 pounds. These heartburns, a little sharp pains on my shoulder from sitting on the computer all day, me eating a lot, all of this has got to stop. I really want a change in my life.

I've got a long ways to go to reach 150 by the end of March 2014 (So my goal says that I just resetted) But I don't even know if I'll start this by tomorrow. I need some groups and friends and motivation buddies, and etc. to get me going before I start, so.. I may reset my goals again when I really start doing this.

I have no motivation right now and I also am a very lazy guy, which I want changed! My health interests would probably be... exercising on the treadmill that I have setup, from December 2012, inside my house. I think that's about it. Everything just seems so.. boring? to me maybe? I don't know.. maybe I should give a few other things a shot. Like, riding on my bicycle or going out for walks! And you can recommend me some things as well if you wish! Not only do I want to exercise, but I want to tone my body as well.. so maybe push-ups, dumbells, etc.?

I love food so much! I eat way to much of it! (For example.. a few smart ones, like 2 or 3, and a few hotdogs x.x ouch! Can you believe that? That's got to stop. I havven't eaten like that in ages but I know its not right and I won't do it again) I love all sorts of food, and a lot of these aren't really healthy to have.. I manage to eat a lot of other "healthy" foods that I love so.. maybe I could manage with just healthy food for awhile while on SparkPeople. I've just really got to stop eating like a pig which is the reason why I'm gaining so much weight.

So overall, I'm looking for someone to check in with everyday or most days. I really need a fitness partner/motivational buddy. Maybe even be my coach on the things I should do every day! It would really help me a lot. I want to change my life and maybe you could help me!

If your interested in helping me out and sticking around for awhile, please message me!

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