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LAUREN129 Posts: 648
11/22/09 12:30 A

I would recommend a Body Sculpting class. They have them at my local YMCA, and I really like it. I tend to stay away from classes like step or zumba because I too am very uncoordinated, but I really like the classes that focus more on weights or cardio moves like jumping jacks. Also Jillian Michael's 30 day shred is a good DVD --it has some good moves and doesnt require a lot of coordination.

11/21/09 8:14 P

If you are comfortable in the water, deep water aerobics has you in the water up to your shoulders/bust. It is harder for people to see if you are "off" and when you are off it doesn't usually result in catastrophe. I also love the fact that I can't trip and fall in the deep end!

LISA667 Posts: 301
11/21/09 9:15 A

Don't give up the The Firm tapes- those are great. Give yourself some time to figure out those moves. You won't be able to get it perfect the first couple of times. Who can? Watch your form and don't worry- my friend is so uncoordinated that an aerobics instructor asked her to stay after class to get extra "tutoring"--- we aren't all dancers and performers!

WISEONE24 Posts: 882
11/20/09 9:34 A

I'm not very coordinated either and can't take classes or do videos that are based on dance and quick combinations. I'd recommend either spin or a bootcamp class that focuses moreso on the moves for cardio and strength.

MINNER77 Posts: 214
11/19/09 11:03 P

If you opt for another video, I vote for a Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds video. I know for a fact no coordination is needed, since I can do them.

If you want to do a class, just choose one at a fitness level you're comfortable with (or that's a reasonable stretch) and go from there. I've given up trying to be danc-y with my moves in step classes, for example, so I just step, and let everyone else make nice, smooth gestures. I'm still getting the workout, and that's what matters to me.

11/19/09 8:19 P

Hi! I am probably the most uncoordinated person in the world, so I too recommend spin or kickboxing. Kickboxing is a routine, but doesn't really require too much coordination so you will be able to pick it up!! Don't worry about classes-remember no one is looking at you everyone is always looking at themselves!!

Even if you can't remember the routine, the important thing is the keep moving -as long as your heart rate is up then you're good to go! Good Luck!!

JOJUAN1 Posts: 313
11/19/09 3:04 P

Just keep on trying and am sure you'll learn it. In the meantime, you could do the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.

GIMME! Posts: 111
11/19/09 3:03 P

I am horribly un-coordinated as well, and am taking an aerobics class. I don't do all of the moves properly, and can't keep the rhythm. But I say to myself, everybody else is worried about themselves looking like a fool, they won't even notice you.

Spinning is a good idea, no steps to follow, but it may be too strenuous if you're a beginner, I know I'm not ready for it yet.

RUNNER_TIFF_07 Posts: 2,745
11/19/09 1:40 P

It's been my experience that you have to try a tape or class more than just one time before it feels like you can do it well. I've been taking yoga for almost 2 months (1-2 times a week) and I'm just NOW starting to feel more coordinated with the movements and poses. I agree that you don't need to be so hard on yourself, give the tape a couple more tries and you might find that the moves are getting easier over time. As for fitness classes, you might find that it helps if you let the instructor KNOW that you're new to the class -- this way, they know that you may need a little more assistance.

KWATLEY Posts: 9
11/19/09 1:14 P

Spinning! I love spinning class and they're usually taught in a darkened room with loud music. You really get into a zone for the duration of the class and will burn some serious calories too!

SANDIE65803 Posts: 154
11/19/09 10:00 A

I am like you totally uncoordinated and completely lacking grace. The Firm I could never do. I highly reccomend leslie Sansones walk aerobics. Here is a link to one of her 3 minute mini workouts (do it 5 times in one day and you've walked a mile!!!) All her workouts are like this one so try this and see what you think!!!
She has workouts that are equal to 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 miles! You choose!

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11/19/09 9:28 A


You need to be kinder to yourself. You only tried the tape once. Some of those dancers/performers probably spent weeks perfecting the moves. Don't feel that you're uncoordinated because you couldn't do the moves the first time. Most people can't. It takes time and regular practice.

So, don't give up on yourself !!! Give the tape another try and keep with it. A person who decides to run a marathon doesn't run 26.2 miles the first day. They build their endurance over weeks.

That's what you need to do. You need to practice. Let me tell you about people who take aerobics classes at the gym. Most of the them having been taking the class for weeks and so they know the routine. You're new. You will make mistakes. That's okay, they made mistakes too. It's part of the learning process.

Try a class that looks like fun. If you're brand new. let the teacher know and they'll show you how to modify a move. And try different things. Believe me, I look gawky and geeky whenever I try salsa class, but I love dance classes !

Don't be afraid to try new things. Coordination will come with time and practice.

SIPHOS Posts: 32
11/19/09 1:28 A

As an added note, I just started dancing argentine tango in the last couple of months, and the close connection with the partner in that class has really fine tuned my balance and awareness, but it's a nice slow dance with lots of forgiveness. Highly recommend it.

SIPHOS Posts: 32
11/19/09 1:26 A

My answer's probably not the one you want to hear, but as a formerly uncoordinated person, try something either with a big focus on posture, or on rhythm and posture. They'll be hard at first, but if you find something you like enough to stick with, you won't be uncoordinated for long.

I no longer count myself as uncoordinated, and I attribute it all to increased fitness through yoga, horseback riding, and dancing. They're all great because they really work on body awareness and posture, and riding and dancing have an added rhythm element too. (I just caught myself dancing a little to the oldies in the grocery store, and failed to knock anything over or trip. Win!)

ALPHAPREP SparkPoints: (43,319)
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Posts: 594
11/18/09 11:46 P

Not a class per se, but might you try Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds DVD's? They have basic step coordination boosters (easy things) that might give you more confidence and coordination to try more difficult moves... Don't worry though - I danced for eight or so years, and still have trouble in group aerobics classes... It's not just you!

SIRCATNIP1 Posts: 367
11/18/09 5:04 P


I was thinking about taking some sort of fitness class. However, I am not one with smooth moves. I often feel too uncoordinated to even try. I recently gave up halfway through a FIRM video because I just could not do the sequence of steps that they were doing on the video.

Any suggestions?

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