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11/22/13 1:40 P

"If you're not fatigued,"

My entire body is wobbly. Does that count? emoticon

(I was coming in to ask how to track this class but I just found it. Never mind!)

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10/25/13 11:26 A

Yeah I know it won't be accurate but I thought 150 was a little on the low side, so thank you! I will just estimate 200 I guess, I feel like I am going to puke when I am done with the class LOL

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10/25/13 11:00 A

The calorie burns in the fitness tracker are a rough guestimate. Also, even if you were to wear your HRM during pump, the burn wouldn't be correct either. HRMs weren't designed to measure calorie burn during a strength training type of workout. In Body Pump, you take that one minute pause between 4 minute workouts to change weights. That causes your HR to go down. Those down times will skew the HRM reading.

If you want to know how many calories you burn during pump, you need something like a Body Bugg that was designed to be worn all day. My advice ? take an average. If you know what you've burned in past, take an average of those numbers. This isn't an exact science.

What most people don't realize is that they don't burn as many calories as they think when they exercise. At your current height and weight, I'd say you probably burn about 250 for a 40 minute Pump class. assuming you're fatigued by the end of class. If you're not fatigued, you may be burning a bit less. I don't know how heavy the weights you're using are. I know Pump can be intense, I teach a similar style class. So. even though you're working hard, you're not burning as many calories as you'd think. People and HRMs do tend to over estimate.

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10/25/13 10:50 A

Hey there, the tracker is saying only 150 calories burned for 40 minutes of pump is this correct? I know an HRM would give me accuracy but mine is out of business at the moment.

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