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2/15/13 6:04 P

Since there is no way to accurately measure the calories burned doing strength work the time on the machines essentially have no value with regard to an overall total. The cardio intervals can be guesstimated but are not really accurate since those values are based on averages. Most commercial gyms set a value based on a mythological "average" person and seldom check the accuracy of the current readings and recalibrate them if they are off.

I suggest that you monitor calories in and not out since those values tend to be somewhat more accurate.

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2/15/13 5:44 P

Circuit training tends to utilise the movement of one small body part at once. Big calorie burners use your whole body, like walking, running, swimming. So circuit training should normally be a lower calorie burn than, say, a run.

How much is right for you can depend on your weight, which I don't know. So I would check what you get for say a good fast walk for the same duration, and a light jog (not a hard run) for the same duration. Circuit would be somewhere in the middle.

Eg if you get 180 for a walk and 300 for a jog then yes, 250ish is probably quite reasonable. But if you get 140 for a walk and 200 for a jog then the 180 is probably more realistic.

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2/15/13 3:59 P

Thank you. That's very helpful. I would imagine then, that I would be burning closer to 250-300 then since I'm firing on all cylindars througout the entire 30 mins. Would you agree Unident?

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2/15/13 2:59 P

Bear in mind Curves is in the business of selling memberships, and the more you think it burns, the more people buy Curves.

Exercise is typically in the 6-8 calories per minute range. Obese people or very intense exercise can get up as high as 10-12 cpm. Burning 600 in 30 minutes is 20cpm and physically impossible for anyone to do.

So while 180 may seem low to you, it's much more realistic than 600.

Overstating your calories can affect your success.

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2/15/13 1:08 P

So simple. Thank you so much.

2/15/13 11:46 A

There sure is! Instead of choosing from the Spark list of fitness activities, go to Add Fitness Not Listed. That way you can enter the calories burned manually.

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Okay, so I realize that everyone's intensity level is different which can dramatically affect the effectiveness and calories burned in circuit workouts, but at Curves, my electronic Success Coach readings are coming out over 600 cals burned. Now, that may be generous, but I do work hard, really hard. I am red and sweaty, if I didn't strech after each w/out I'd be very sore. My heart rate is usually in the 80%+ range, so there is NO WAY that I've only burned the lousy 180 calories as the Fitness Tracker is giving me credit for. You get what you put into your workout no matter what you're doing, but this is especially true at Curves. Is there no other way to manually enter a more accurage calorie burn?

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