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6/30/14 7:54 A

You could take some measurements yourself. Chest, Waist, Hip, Thigh. The arms are tough to do by yourself. It's a little easier if you stand in front of a mirror so you can check whether the tape is even, all the way around. But it is indeed hard to get that tape in exactly the same place, every single time.

The thing is, measurements change relatively slowly anyway, so if you want to wait til you've got someone to help you-- it won't make much difference. Another thing to consider is to put on a piece of clothing that's too small, and take a picture. After a month, put it on again and take another picture. And so on. I saw a blog a guy did, where he showed his progress every month through pictures of himself in a couple different shirts. Started out not being able to button them up, and ended up with them being so big he could've gotten 2 of him in there. It was really impressive. Maybe more impressive than if he had just listed measurement numbers.

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6/30/14 1:05 A

The tape measure is often a more reliable means of tracking your progress than the scale. But a day or two doesn't really make much of a difference.

Lost inches will show up in clothes fitting better, but this is less precise than the tape measure.

Just measure when you can.

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6/29/14 10:45 P

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nope, it's hard to measure exactly the same spot every time, so as you said, clothes fitting better is just a good measure of success.

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I didnt know where to put this question.... is it really important to get tape measured? ...i wanted to have a family member measure me today but i forgot to ask them .. and tomorrow im starting my exercise..... and i dont really care the measurements im sure i will know by my clothes in the next few weeks (if i am persistent)


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