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JOYSOFVI Posts: 18
9/2/12 4:16 P

i'm so greatful to have SP..being able to track meals and exercise makes a huge diffrence...I have a sense of accountability to myself to write it down and be honest...easy as can b

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/2/12 3:11 P

Spark looks at how many calories you said you'd burn this week, and uses that to calculate your intake range. The range suggested already includes the exercise for the week.

If you work out every second day, for example, you might find it more satisfying to ensure you use the high end of your range on workout days and the lower end on non workout days. But it's not essential to do that.

As long as you're not burning more per week than your goal, it doesn't matter if you exercised "today" or not, the range is fine every day, on average.

(If you are burning more than your goal update your goal to be more realistic - it's fine to do more exercise, just make sure it's planned for!)

9/2/12 2:59 P

Hi Everyone!

I am a new sparkpeople member and am committed to staying on this site and learning all the bells/whistles. I am confused about the tracking of the calories in and the fitness calories burned. My question is "when sparkpeople program computes you calories allowed for the day based on weight, age, etc, does it add calories allowed for the exercise calories you burn? Or do you have to manually figure how many more calories you would be allowed with exercise completed for the day? It really is not clear to me. If i exercised off 500 calories in one day and tracked them, would those calories be added to my daily intake allowance? thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me!

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