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7/22/13 11:46 P

Those numbers are REALLY general, and are based on averages. They don't include your current weight, etc.

It's impossible to guess without an HRM to measure it, but 166 sounds reasonable for a 24 minute workout, especially when you've been doing them long enough that your body might have adapted.

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7/22/13 8:08 P

I'm starting a new workout this week. I have noticed that the ones I have been doing do not get my HR up as much as they used to now that I am almost at my goal weight. My question is the website for the Fitness Blender workout says it burns between 275 and 350, it is a cardio high intensity HIIT workout that lasts 24 minutes, but when I put it into SP under bootcamp it shows 166 calorie burn. Which should I go by? I know I can't hold a conversation when doing it and breathing is challenging.

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